Asking her dad for her hand...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bossdog, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Well, I've reached that point in my life when I'm going to throw it all away by popping the question to my girlfriend. 8O

    The only problem is that when my girlfriends munter of a sister was proposed to by her boyfriend mutterings could be heard in the family.
    They weren't mutterings of "OMG the fat cnut has found a mug who'll marry her" but "why didn't he do the old fashioned thing of asking her father first?"
    Apparently her old man was gutted that he wasnt asked by her boyfriend, if he could have her hand in marriage.

    So, as I'm a decent kinda bloke (apart from when his daughter is getting a facial, or i make her gag on my cock) :D , i think i should do the decent thing and ask him for his daughters hand in marriage. I'm going to watch a Rugby Match with him tomorrow, and it'll be the only time we get some time to ourselves until way after Christmas. The only thing is, how do i say it? I don't want to sound like a cnut, but i also dont want to let the side down!

    "Can i ask for your daughters hand in marriage?" sounds crap, and " I'm gonna be doing your daughter up the arse for a while so is it ok if i marry her?" Just doesnt sound quite right! :D

    Any ideas lads?

    I may regret posting this in the NAAFI. :D
  2. Thank's for the pint, Dad.
  3. First off, in this modern age, I would ask her first (then tell her to keep it zipped). In this way she doesn't feel under pressure to say yes and all that.

    If she keeps it zipped, you can then ask dad.

    After the game, have a pint and come up with something like.

    I do have something important to ask you.

    "daughters name here" and I ahve been going out for "x" time, and I was hoping you would give me your blessing in asking her to marry me.

    It may sound tosh, but if there have been mutterings over the sibling, then they may appreciate a bit of old fashionedness.

    Incidentally, I asked my Mrs first (on the hush) and then asked her dad. He was well made up, and I didn't look like a c0ck if she said "er, how about another few years".
  4. Try "I'm thinking of asking (insert name) if she will marry me. What do you think?"
    If he calls you a bloody eejit and blows his top, ask her anyway and tell him to get f***ed.
    OR p*ss off and find somebody with a dad in the 21st Century.
    FFS It's rare enough getting married these days.

    Best of luck.
  5. She already knows, just not the DTG of the proposal. We (Edit: SHE) has talked about it for a while. Its just putting past her old man who i get on well with anyway.
  6. You have firstly got to think about all the traditions of marriage first and do the right thing and ask him properly for his daughters hand in marriage.
    Do the right thing and keep him happy.

    This way you can bleed the CNUT dry and get him to pay for the whole Wedding leaving you with all your own money and you dont have to pay for the wedding and p*ss up.
    More money to go to Amsterdam for the stag do and pay for a few extra prostitutes, as soon as you marry her shell become a fat munter.
  7. snip>>>>>>>>>>>>>



    I'm a bit disappointed you asked your mates on here first but I guess you're gonna be doing her anyway even if I say no so yes, you might as well go ahead then.

    Ask me first next time, like if you want to borrow me wheelbarrow/teamug/wodeva.

    ps -If your names not Percival you better get in there quick mate because she's banging you and Percy.


  8. Best advice ever - my missus's old man paid for the lot, saved me a fortune :D :D
  9. I would point out that when Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy fame got to asking the father(Leslie Crowther) the conversation went;
    ''Mr Crowther, I've come to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage''
    ''Why not? You've had everything else''
  10. Say "I asked your wife to run away with me, she refused so can i marry your daughter instead"?
  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Asking her dad for her hand? In the Naafi? I thought this was to be an mdn special!

    I asked her dad first. We dont speak much anyway, so he probably guessed when i asked if i could come over for a chat without her knowing. His response was a sigh followed by a "well, if you must..."

    Incidentally i proposed by filling the biggest box i could find with polystyrene (she hates the stuff) and burying the ring box in the bottom, and giving it to her as a present on xmas day.
  12. …wait and see if his team wins at the Rugby……..he might not need two disappointments in the same day…
  13. This is roughly what I did and it worked a treat. She (Mother in law) did have an inkling anyway.
    Respect given in this way is never a waste of time, many brownie points can be earned for being a bit old fashioned.
  14. Cow

    Cow LE

    Didn't ask my future father in law and I can tell he's still not chuffed about it.

    Can't hurt to do it, I'm sure he'll understand if you come out with something along the lines with wanting kids but not bastards..
  15. Go with CFs advice, as a father of 4 girls its more or less what I would like. Except to add that a few drinks bought for me at the same time would not go amiss.