Asking for time off for Annual Camp

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SaBRE_helpline, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Couple of things,

    1. He seems like a right numb twat, who would employ him in the first place.

    2. How come he gets a week in Aya napa, when he's there for 14 days? I've just done 6 months and was told it was off limits.

    3. The wife's left me while I was away, any chance Becky from HR can fit me in whilst Dumbos assaulting the beaches?

    The moral of the story is. If you a thick c unt in a good job, don't feck it up by joining the bloody TA.

    This message was brought to you by BruceWillis, thank you and goodnight!
  2. Its just the square that is.
  3. Is that so. I really must read the small print.

    And what of Becky from HR, would she do a turn with dashing fellow like myself. Glint in my eye, touch of sarcasm in my tone, knee trembler behind the chip shop. Ladies form a que there!
  4. Was it a blanket ban from 32 SR Group, or were you just not told the OOB areas?
  5. Bruce are you sure you never made it to Aya Napa?? Sounds vaguely familiar.

  6. To be honest I didn't take much notice with it being a winter tour, just chucked it into the mix for comedy effect.

    Thats the hoilday you and I are yet to have pet! xx
  7. "When you get the call, you get the call"

    They get called for annual camp? Wow he must be important. Was he on a 30 minute warning to go on his camp or something?

    Mind you how he got the job in the first place with an interview like this I will never know