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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by akr05, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. I asked a serious question in another Forum about coming home to see my son once i had finished my basic, but why do people reply by taking the piss? why reply if ur gonna take the piss anyway its abit imature isnt it?? thanks to the people who serious tho.
  2. Aww did you not like the answers you were given? Man up for fvcks sake! Sounds to me like you need to be in the raf with all the other whinging poofters. The Army is FAR too manly for the likes of you! Go and join the crabfat loosas - they could really do with someone like you.
  3. They need to grow up and get sorted out, its a form of bullying.
  4. Do you honestly think the Army is for you, that other thread turned into a bit of a joke, but it was hardly bullying . It might have helped if you got answers from people who actually knew something not other potential recruits, and a particularly annoying 15 year old who posts like he knows everything.
  5. Fcuk off loser! How can you be bullied over the internet?? Go and cry somewhere else.
  6. No it's not. He's still got his dinner money and hasn't yet been wedgied. Man up and stop your whining you homo.
  7. people can say what they want a dnt care i just wanted to know what i asked is that so hard?
  8. its not what you asked, its the way youve come on here and whinged about it.
  9. No, but my penis is. So hard in fact, it's positively aching. When you join up it'll be waiting for your mouth.
  10. and no the raf is not for me i know what i want to do!! and a think its you that needs to man up and b abit mature!
  11. Is it true that your son can 'have' you in a fight?
  12. ohhh r u lonely! nt got a bird 2 do it for like buddy
  13. how old r u man??
  14. I tell you what this is why I rarely look at ARRSE anymore, I come here because I am an ex serviceman and like tha banter and the general chit chat you get. There have been numerous calls in the past 12 months for this site to be serving or ex sevice only, and I know the reasons for why it cannot be done.

    FFS though the place has been infested by gobby nigs, well not even nigs as half of them are not even in yet and gob off about everything and then cry when they get told to do one. These maybe can be excused as they are keen to join the green machine and are well along in their recruitment process.

    The ones that cannot be excused and should be oxygen thief tagged or cluless tw*t tagged or anything the mods think is appropiate once they have outed themselves are the schoolboy/girl mongs who post on any subject as if they are all knowing.

    I know this is ultimately a civvy website but FFS this is getting ridiculous, if isnt even really sorted by having joining up forums as the cokcs post everywhere in wanyk chav text speak and claim dyslexia.

    How come you mongs cannot spell that, him, her, dog cat etc etc but can always spell dyslexia, just fukcing do one the lot of you.
  15. I, and all of the other ARRSERS, beg to differ mon ami.