My first thread. Hoping for some feedback/ advice.

Attending an exciting opportunity to run around Kenya with the medics doing lovely, cuddly things such as med-care for the locals and applying plasters. Never been anywhere hotter than Devon and never been on tour before.

What can I expect? Will I be allowed to take a machete in baggage? Will I be able to buy fags out there?

Thanks in advance
1. You can buy a machete when you get there in any decent local market. Give it away when you leave.
2. Nairobi isn't called Nairobbery for nothing.
3. You'll need plenty of Deet (30%, not the watered down crap they sell at boots).
4. HIV is a big problem in Kenya, stick to hand jobs but get her to wear Marigold gloves.
5. Take a look at: and note: "There is a high threat from terrorism, including kidnapping. The main threat comes from extremists linked to Al Shabaab, a militant group that has carried out attacks in Kenya in response to Kenya’s military intervention in Somalia"
6. There has been a spate of cafe fragging in Nairobbery recently.
7. You can buy cigarettes and whisky there.
7 The Hilton has a nice swimming pool on the roof.

Be vigilant, stay safe, have a great time, the people can be great fun.


Get to a computer with access to Moss and look for the BATUK White Book. Pretty much everything you need to know is in there.