with all you people who surf out there u would of heard of "ask jeeves" Well there is a much better source of info out there if any thing big or small happens the wives club is always first to know so why bother asking the alleged "superiors"when the wives club is a quicker more efficient way of getting the info u require. any thoughts of a better way of getting info let me know cause after 12 years i int found one.
I got rid of my Encyclopedia Brittanica when I got married...found out my wife knew F*&^%$g everything!


Don"t try to change profile whilst writing a msg. CO!
Anyway, as I was saying, married a STABBETTE, got me schnoze ripped, abused physically and didn't enjoy one bit of it :( >: But, now all the world is peachy ;D Sorry, lost the thread..... women with more brains..... don't suck 8)


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I nearly married on of them...

Thank god that I didn't.  My cleaner costs only £40 per month, I go out and score whenever I want sex and I have all my money for champagne and skiing!!

Please don't let the wives club know this or I'll get all sorts of dinner invitations where I'll be sat next to near-spinster types who wltm young, dashing and eligible Capt etc...


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For Harry the B******!
You won't get that far by staying in Mansergh!!! You'll 'ave to go and find a good looking big black jamaican woman who's family are blimming loaded, then emigrate over there with her- then you might have a better chance of joining the Jamaican Defence Force!!!!
hahaha 8)