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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Radical_Dreamer, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. I've asked a few pertinant questions about scrapping infantry battalions, the gap between tours, the defence budget and updating single and married accommodation. Who knows, I might get I response.
  2. Hopefully you will get a reply of some sort. However, my suspicious and sceptical nature thinks that it will be just like the letters page in soldier magazine. They will only publish replies to letters that they can answer with a condescending and patronising speech from some civil servant.
  3. Should have asked what the hell is going on with LSSA as well. Thanks for the operational bonus, thanks even more for scrapping the bonuses.
  4. I'll bet my bottom boll0ck the timing of his web chat will coincide with some other important Defence announcement, thereby taking him out of the loop. Only pre-arranged questions will be answered and they can slip in some other piece of bad news while he's on his webcam.

    Same old, same old...
  5. Following on from the PM's lecture aboard HMS Albion, Swiss Tony will be conducting a live webchat on Wednesday. You are encouraged to send any questions you have for him in advance. Go to this page.

    Here's what I've just sent off. What's the betting I'm ignored as I'm not 'on message'?

    Editted to clear loads of funny characters that appeared during the weekend in place of ", ' and -
  6. Interesting questions but why would he answer them now after ignoring the very same issues for the past handful of years?
  7. I don't expect he will. These are just the sort of questions that HMG chooses to dodge, or, if they do respond, head off by going off on a tangent.

    However, by sending in the questions, I cannot be accused of either apathy or complacency. By placing the questions in this forum - and I encourage others to do so - a far wider audiance will be able to judge just what sort of issues he and HMG are choosing to dodge.
  8. deleted
  9. I've simply asked if Browne or any members of his immediate family have any military experience, and, if so, could he provide details.
  10. This was my question:

    "Dear Mr. Browne,

    The Prime Minister has said that the nation's covenant with the military has been broken. The pay and morale of the soldiers I command is poor, and their accomodation is worse than that of most British prisoners. We are fighting two wars which are impossible to win with the current strategy, using vehicles that provide no protection. Soldiers are dying due to lack of basic equipment. Cheap ammunition was sent to the most desperate fighting in Afghanistan, causing crucial weapons to jam. We are spending billions on a nuclear weapons system that we don't need, but little on the military medical service and battlefield helicopters that we need desperately. Dispatches showed a casualty suffering due to lack of helicopters to evacuate him to hospital. My question is: Why should I stay in the Army and risk my life for New Labour?"

    Comments please...
  11. No politician should work in Defence unless they have served themselves. Perhaps a couple of years at the sharp end would make them fight our battles a bit more.
  12. Just fired off another question to Swiss.

  13. There wouldn't be anybody to fill the ministerial posts. None of this lot are worth a sh1t anyway - can you imagine them in the Forces????????
  14. On a related note, (and completely coincidental to the article today in the Scum about the cost of keeping the criminally insane in luxury), I called with my son today who is serving in NI. I was completely disgusted at the standard of accommodation the guys had to put up with. (Please believe me, I know how lucky he is compared with you troops currently on operations and the conditions you are enduring along with incoming as well, did 10 years a lifetime ago!!), but if this is typical of the standard of accommodation you guys and girls have to put up with in UK in this day and age, Jesus, how do we ever hope to address morale, retention, and other welfare related issues when we don't even give our troops a decent billet when they return from ops?
    I have worked in law enforcement since getting out, and I have to say, we would not be allowed to house prisoners or those in for questioning in the conditions I observed today. Indeed, the bleeding heart brigade would be championing their Human Rights with rules, regulations, and threats of court action within 24 hours.
    Aside from the general "housekeeping" issues, (broken windows, leaking sinks / showers / washing machines, etc), there were real H&S issues which in "civvy strasse" would result in disciplinary actions on senior management, if not legal action.
    I would like to ask the defence secretary, when have you visited troops in accommodation, really spoke to them about their conditions, (as if you give a toss), and would you or Tony like to have your son live in what I can only describe as institutionalised squalor while you and your cronies feed like the pigs you are at the trough of your own selfish, "lets shaft everyone for our own good" lives.
    Make me sick, the lot of them!!!