Ask the Conservative Defence Spokesman - Question 2 Afghanistan

PR_Totty said:
Question 2 - Afghanistan


"If a potential Tory Government fails to significantly increase the financial resources available to HMF, will continued participation in the Afghan conflict be prioritised above the long term health and capability of HMF and if so, for what strategic gain?"

Dr Liam Fox said:
First of all thanks to Dr Fox for his answer and to Arrse for facilitating this process.

In response, I agree with his strategic assessment of the dangers facing the region and that given our defacto links to Pakistan the outcome falls directly within our national interest. However that part of the answer seems to invalidate his earlier suggestion, that procurement decisions have to be set within the context of a challenging economic climate. If the issue is one of vital national security then such constraints cannot reasonably apply.

The alternative of robbing Peter to pay Paul is not credible and Afghanistan must not be fought at the expense of vital conventional capability in other areas. The money is there, it merely requires the will to prioritise.
Well we're hoping to repeat this process so you may get the opportunity to ask a follow up question...

P.S I agree with you on the prioritisation issue.
Thanks Mr Fox, I thought your comments were well considered, comprehensive and constructive.

I tried to say that on the Yoosk coments page, but it wanted me to sign up to the site first and I am not easily led.

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