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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by redsquirrel, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. A couple of questions, excuse the excessive Xmas Port intake...

    1. ACF in NI. Is there such a thing and, if so, do they really have RGJ affiliated units?

    2. Can't bloody remember...I blame the Port.

  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  3. why the really in the would they have RGJ/Rifles?

    IIRC ACF in NI still have Royal Irish Rangers.
  4. Cheers, Gremlin. It's the Port, I tell you...I forget everything! Who could forget Caubeen?

    Seriously, the reason I'm asking is my son started a new job recently and mentioned I had served to his boss. The fella told my lad he had been in the Army for 6 years, which later became 6 months in the RGJ including service in NI and subsequently (which isnt easy to type when pished) became ACF 'service' in NI. I say he's a tw@t. I asked my son to ask the fella for his reggy no. and the answer was 42. Incredible, but true.
  5. Sorry, was remembering the old 'Falling Plate' nickname or Leeson St references from the 80s. No insult intended, just thought it would be unlikely, bit like having a Para cadet unit in Derry.
  6. Ooooh, its all coming back to me now...

    Q3. What was that movie with Ollie Reed where he ended up wrestling naked in front of the fire? My lad has also started 'grappling' training at a local kick-boxing gym and I want to be able to really take the p1ss.

    Q4. Possibly done before but Walts wearing medals...why doesn't anyone read the name round the edge? all mine have my name on them. Unless, of course, I bought them from someone on Ebay who has exactly the same name and Reggy No.
  7. Falling plates were the Green Howards, not the RGJ.
  8. Q3 - possibly "Women in Love" an adaptation of a ghastly DH Lawrence novel with Oliver Reed and some quite well thought of actors who should have known better

    edited to add: was it Alan Bates an yes - Glenda Jackson
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    T'was Alan Bates.......

    Points #1 and #2, but most importantly 'blooding up' in #3:
  10. Thanks, CQMS, I stand corrected. In my befuddled state, I had it in my mind Falling Plates was 1RGJ, Black Mafia was 3. It just shows one should never trust what is scrawled on a Soltau Sh1itter wall. much less attempt to quote the same when left alone with Xmas Port.

    Poppy, cheers too. I'll check that out.

    I always try to do my research before I start taking the p1ss. Saves face later.
  11. In answer to your question vis-a-vis R.G.J. NO, vis-a-vis R.I.RANGERS,up to recently, YES, now all rebadged to the Royal Irish Regiment,(the lets pinch other peoples hard earned efforts(exempt home service)ones) the guys a Walt!
  12. Nato/UN medals don't have names on them.

    My real medals are at my parents house the ones are wear on my NO2s are copies because I don't want to lose/damage the originals. (Quite a few people do this)

    Most engravers can put names and numbers on them if a walt really wanted to try hard.
  13. What the fuck is this doing in here?

    I at present have nothing witty and amusing to add to Naafi but this thread has wasted 30 seconds of my life and is diluting the pool of far more worthy threads.

  14. OH good go back to t'the rum,we're trying to out another possible walt.
  15. Should you really be drinking, I mean, given your mental state...