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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by KleenUpGuy, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. Could arrse have some sort of ask arrse, I often use yahoo answers but the web lacks specific military version.
    Where you can vote for the best answer etc.
    Maybe you could put it on the new website?
  2. WHat about other non mil questions? would need a good MOD to stop in turning in to another NAAFI bar!
  3. I think that's an awesome idea....first question, can someone point me towards the history of blackened capbadges?I've seen them mentioned and I am intrigued.
  4. So... basically the ARRSE forum but for lazy and retarded people?
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  5. No possibly a proper answer to a question. On ask Yahoo, nuggets just copy and paste what they can find on google, then get 5 thumbs up for it from all the other geeks, when I can find that shit out for myself. Yahoo questions is good, but remember there are a lto of civvies and ex serving on her in various roles now, housing / building / banking / mobile technology.
  6. .....what.
  7. for what its worth, I think that would be a good idea - it would stop a lot of the questions that just get repeated over and over.
  8. This could be great idea but couldent the wilki be used for this
  9. Well yes, but atm, the wiki is a bit clunky unless you're looking up something specific to the military. If this was a seperate area, it could have a list of the most commonly asked questions maybe. It might also stop some of the threads getting inflated as people take the piss out of someone's ignorance.
  10. The only difference between the forum and an "Ask ARRSE" section would literally be that highly voted answers would float to the top, with one post being selected as the "best", and then the thread would be locked. People would still take the piss out on ignorance, people would still ask silly questions without checking to see if it's already been asked, and anyone who can be bothered to register on an Ask ARRSE section could just as easily be bothered to register on the forums.

    Creating a redundant section of the site without a clearly defined and significant benefit for all parties is the very definition of "not a good idea".

    Besides, what's wrong with taking the piss out?
  11. Why can't you ask questions in relevant sections of the site or PM someone who is known to be a specialist in a certain area or PM a mod?
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  12. Okay whose the arrses resident bukkake expert
  13. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Interestingly this was something that we thought about doing via a plugin for quora. As a result of this thread, I think we'll reinvigorate the concept ..... once we get current db dramas sorted!
  14. Hmmm. I can see merits - a mini arrsepaedia that gives a one paragraph answer that can't be adulterated. But would need a dedicated modding team to sort the wheat from the chaff and a means of producing a "sticky post" that would always appear as the "first" reply.

    No reason to lock the thread - in some instances, the "correct" response may be superseded over time, so a new "relevant" button would need to be installed to bring the attention of the modding team to a newer, serious response. And by not locking the thread, the banter could continue, increasing the "air time" and the potential for even better explanations.

    Given that different contributors will submit varied yet equally relevant responses, perhaps the "sticky post" should list relevant responses by linked post number, allowing the reader to filter the information from the banter.

    Over time, we'd find out who are the real Subject Matter Experts (either current or historical) and who is just bluffing.
  15. Spot on answer!

    I for one think that this is a very comprehensive site if needed, but more so, a place to relax and have a bloody good laugh.

    To reiterate Jarrods post think of this. To provide a function like the OP has suggested would require the need for much larger servers which in turn would force the owner/s to make people subscribe. The Admin and Mods do the job without gratification of monetary form, hats off to them. To warrant such an expanse of needed moderation would be wholly against the grain of a FREE place to banter yet also get information from fellow professionals.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. To the NAAFI now, this was far to sensible for me!