Ask a Coldstreamer!

For the first time in over 350 years the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards (the oldest Regiment in Continuous Service in the British Army) will open our doors for a Coldstream Question Time.

‘Ask a Coldstreamer’ will allow any question of any subject to be submitted from the general public and put to key Regimental Personnel (Commanding Officer, Regimental Sergeant Major etc).

Questions can be received via paper submissions (by downloading the proforma below or picking one up at your local Recruiting Offices – then sent to us), or via www.ShinyCapstar.Com and e-mail for anyone with internet access. Open to anyone and everyone, serving Coldstreamers, other Military Members, Past Members, family members and partners, Potential Coldstreamers, the general public … absolutely anyone!

More details if anyone is interested at:


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