Asics Banditos

Anyone own a pair and do you have any good/bad reviews?

I heard they were good running trainers so purchased a pair online for £65.
They are about the best you can get. (Within reason) You can pay up to £140 notes for a pair. I brought a pair two years ago, lasted about a year, very comfy, didn't need bedding in and all the gym queens told me they were a good make. Don't buy off e-bay, usually look good on picture but made in Yackesisistan. I have just purchased some adidas coolmax myself, they are fookin shyte. Steer clear.
I've heard good things about Asic GT2130, although I don't have that brand of asic. Not sure which ones I have, but I paid £75 from sweatshop last march

edit- I think I have those infact.

They look exactly the same baring the colour

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