Asiana 214 and Political Correctness

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. Guys watch this on the link - the newsreader so carefully pronounces the name - ho lee fook !!!! (need to wipe damned cornflakes off the screen !)
  2. Level of journalism on US TV channels not to high then. Well punked.
  3. The spirit lives on .... - first heard this mid-90s
  4. OldSnowy

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  5. Three dead so far, all of them Chinese kids (one of them seems to have been run over by a fire engine having survived the crach). A little bit silly for a news station to make fun of a fatal accident, they're not supposed to be Mad TV.

  6. And the conclusion to draw from that, is that we all have to take some responsibilty for our own personal safety.

    For example, I have always felt one good guiding principle, was never to sail on boats, where the ships officers were either Greek or Italian.
  7. That's a wah, right?
  8. In what sense is this an issue relating to political correctness?
  9. Because we don't want to upset the Chinks the Gooks the Zipperheads or the Nips do we?
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  10. It wasn't although I'll allow that the news channel are now handing off blame to the transportation authorities who're outsourcing it to an intern.

    It's the sort of thing that editors are paid to pick up on though.
  11. Don't you?
    That's quite laudable, but it doesn't explain what idiotic reporting has to do with PeeCee.
  12. It was the fact they felt they had to apologise for it was the PC element.

    If it was one of our TV stations or newspapers then no doubt a charge under the vast array of racial discrimination legislation would be pending.
  13. I guess there's a vacancy for a summer intern at the NTSB.
  14. Funny, very very funny. Always good to find humour in tragedy and its not racism its simply a play on their names. People need to lighten up but you do have to give the newsreader the donkey of the year award.