Asian PCs blocking crackdown on honour killings

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hat20, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. What else is going to be blocked or has been blocked because 'they' do not like it as it is against their religious beliefs?
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  2. Cut n'patse please for those of us who are not allowed access to the BBC
  3. Here you go A_J

    Link #1
    Link #2
    Absolutely reprehensible if true.
  4. It should be quite simple really.

    Those who seek to use their positions not to help the victims but the perpetrators should be dealth with severely, including convictions of helping the criminals.

    Those who carry out such crimes.... should be executed. After being smothered in Pig Fat and given a last meal of Pork and Bacon, with a cool, sharp harp to wash it down.
  5. Oh, did I mention that the execution method should be drowning them in a bath of still water?
  6. So where is there evidence that police corruption has hindered any of these enquires?

    If they could quote some I may take the report more seriously..

  7. I tend to agree , if it was just "some " then the demonstrations against the so called cartoons would have just been a few people . The honour killings would just be one or two , the demands for "their" rights would have been just one or two.
    About time the so called majority , if that is what it is , of Muslims stood up and be counted . Also that they handed over their own kind who are causing the trouble.
    When I was in the Army , yes I know , many years ago where ever we went we were always briefed "obey the local law and customs " or both the local law and the military law will deal with you .
    Very few problems as I remember.
  8. Well I haven't and i'm good mates with a few. So pardon me for being arsed to make the distinction between d1ckheads and good people.

    "Muslims" is a tag, because its their religion.

    If your cars were getting broken into 3 times a week by British born bagheads you wouldn't say, "Fcuking Catholic car thieving Cnuts - They're all car thieves" You'd lay into them for being bagheads.

    Lets not alienate more of the Muslim community by becoming racists. If any the ones with common sense and good values are our best weapon against the extremists and the radical Muslims fcuking things over!

    Please don't confuse me for being a PC lefty softy toss pot because i'm really not. I'm just not willing to target one group of people because of the actions of some of their number! You should consider following suit!
  9. Ooooo Insults. Okay then Racist was the wrong word to use. There are lots of others I could use instead first few being "Narrow minded tosser" but you are obviously hell bent on blaming all of them for the actions of some of there number. Whether that be 95% of them or just a few.

    Some Muslims are hard working members of the community and one of the ones I know (A married lad) is on pretty much back to back tours to work as a military Interupter even though thats not his trade. There he is, pulling his weight just so you can tie him in with the terrorist/we have more rights than you elements.

    So he and most people he knows aren't setting off bombs nor does he find offence every chance he gets so any chance of using your imagination and seeing some of them in that different light of yours. Seeing as us christians (And we apparently live in a country living on christian values) are high and mighty forgiving types.
  10. Muslim poulation of GB: approx 1.6 million

    Number of people at the cartoon protests: approx 300

    Number of Honour Killings: less than 12 per year
  11. Nice one., Bad Crow. Its all about extremists and those that use the PC argument to feahter their own nests.

    I hope that this site isn't going to become another right wing site. I served with all denominations, amd all were top blokes.

    The media manipulate all for a story, getting bored on listening to the gullible on here....
  12. Without wishing to plunge myself into the some/many/all debate, 12 honour killings a year is still twelve too frucking many. Agreed - it's the Daily Hate, so massive amounts of salt are required with their tinfoil-hat type theory.

    Honour killings are a fecking savages' game, and those responsible should be found, and dealt with ruthlessly. Wether high echelons are hindering investigations into same or (as I suspect) not, it is still a crime under our country's law, but the perpetrators should be dealt with under the Shari'aa penal codes for murder, which is, I believe, death by beheading. That way, the islamist apologists in this country (they do exist - we're paying most of the cnuts) should be satisfied as we're being religiously inclusive, and everyone else will be satisfied because the world will be relieved of a number of evil tossers.
  13. This "story"was in the Daily Mail, says it all really
  14. Agreed, completely. I just resented the 'All muslims is evil, I know 'cos I read it in the tabloids' arguements that were being put foward.

    I just read through a bit of the report the Daily Mail quote-mined to get their readers spluttering over their cornflakes. As one might expect, it presents a rather more nuanced view on the situation:
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