Asian PCs blocking crackdown on honour killings

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What else is going to be blocked or has been blocked because 'they' do not like it as it is against their religious beliefs?
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Cut n'patse please for those of us who are not allowed access to the BBC
armchair_jihad said:
Cut n'patse please for those of us who are not allowed access to the BBC
Here you go A_J

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Asian PCs 'blocking crackdown on honour killings'
By MILES GOSLETT and DANIEL BOFFEY - More by this author » Last updated at 10:53am on 3rd February 2008

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Some Asians in the police and in Government jobs have been accused of blocking the crackdown against so-called honour killings.

It is alleged they are not only failing to help desperate women trying to flee abuse and arranged marriages but are actively encouraging punishment for those they believe are breaking traditional taboos.

Terrified victims who seek official help are even being tracked down by a network of Asian men working in Government departments and social services, according to a study written by the think-tank Social Cohesion.

One woman was found by her family after she signed on at a Jobcentre where a member of the Asian community was working.
The report also claims some Asian police officers actually return women to their abusive families or refuse to act against men enforcing 'traditional' roles.

Meanwhile, non-Asian officials and police officers are scared of acting against families who abuse their relatives for fear of being branded as racist, the report says.

The study follows the horrific case of 20-year-old Banaz Mahmod, from Mitcham, South London, whose body was found in a suitcase after she was raped and strangled with a bootlace by hitmen hired by her family.

She was killed for falling in love with a man the family disapproved of – despite unsuccessfully asking police for help five times.

In one plea she recorded a video message that helped convict her father and uncle of her murder.

Controversially, the report accuses one of the Government's closest advisers on Muslim matters, the Muslim Council of Britain, of hampering attempts to criminalise forced marriage.

It said: "The MCB has sought to block legislation aimed at ending honour-based violence. Almost all women's groups interviewed for this report say that the MCB has done little or nothing to end honour-based violence...

"In many northern towns...South Asian women are often afraid to seek help because they know that Asians working in local government believe that women who break traditional taboos deserve to be punished."

Report contributor Nazir Afzal, of the Crown Prosecution Service, added: "Domestic violence is not an issue the Muslim Council of Britain wants to know about."

David Davies, the Tory MP for Monmouth who is on the Home Affairs Select committee investigating forced marriages and domestic violence, said: "Thousands of girls are being taken to Pakistan every year for marriage, although it is best described as abduction and rape."

James Brandon, one of the report's authors, said: "It is estimated that ten women a year in Britain die through honour killings and honour violence. The Government must change the way it approaches this problem."

The MCB said: "Our position has always been clear: so-called honour killings are murder. They are severe criminal offences which we condemn."
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Heed 7 July lessons - Muslim MP
Ministers are facing criticism over the response to the 7 July bombings from one of their most prominent Muslim MPs.

In the week of the first anniversary of the attacks, Sadiq Khan says he is disappointed with efforts to engage with the Muslim community.

The MP for Tooting says there is an air of despondency over the achievements of the special taskforce set up by the government after the bombings.

But Local Government Minister Phil Woolas said good work was taking place.

Seven Muslim working groups were set up by the government and they reported in November.

But Mr Khan told a Fabian Society conference that only three of their recommendations had been implemented.

In his speech he said: "What has happened to all the good ideas? Why hasn't an action plan been drawn up with timelines?

"There has been limited progress but there is an air of despondency. Only three recommendations have been implemented, and group members feel let down.

"I worry that the government might become the Duke of York - marching all these talented British Muslims up the hill of consultation and dialogue, only to march them down again as very little appears to have changed."

A Home Office spokesman said much had been accomplished since the Preventing Extremism Together (PET) Working Group members had made their final report.

And Mr Woolas, a local government minister, told the BBC: "This is ongoing, this is not a one off.

"This is a huge task and our biggest allies in this task are the Muslim communities themselves, the vast majority of whom want to see an end to extremism just as much as you or I do."

He added: "What we can't do as a government is tell the Muslim community what it is they have to do - we have to work with them and MPs, such as Sadiq Khan."

He said there were 64 recommendations, and only 27 of those were for the government - the rest were for partnerships and communities.


"Of course I know full well that there are many youngsters who feel alienated from mainstream society and they search for their identity as British Muslims," he said.

"But the government has been saying for many years that we think the likelihood of extremism and terrorism is a certainty, if not a probability and we have to take this issue as a society very importantly indeed and that's why the government has refocused its strategy into communities."

The government has highlighted some of the successes, including:

* the scholars roadshow, in which 18 influential Muslim scholars and thinkers have spoken to audiences of young Muslims, numbering 30,000 so far
* the mosques and imams national advisory board has formed a steering group and plans to launch on 27 June
* national forums on islamophobia and extremism began in Leicester and more are due in Redbridge and Dudley
* government-funded workshops and video outreach projects
* a consultation on stop-and-search policing
* work on countering religious extremism on campuses

Mr Woolas spoke out as a Populas survey for The Times and ITV News suggested that 13% of British Muslims think the men who carried the 7 July bombings in London should be regarded as "martyrs".

It also suggested that 7% agreed that suicide attacks on UK civilians can be justified in some circumstances and 16% said while the attacks may have been wrong the cause was right.

Some 2% suggested they would be proud if a family member decided to join al-Qaeda, while 16% would be "indifferent".

Meanwhile, also speaking at the Fabian Society conference, the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain urged people to stop focusing on the 7 July and 11 September attacks.

Muhammad Abdul Bari said that did not help in addressing problems within the Muslim community.

"It is time we get out of this discourse. We should not lose sight of the real issues of society... like foreign policy and the need for positive integration," he said.
Absolutely reprehensible if true.
It should be quite simple really.

Those who seek to use their positions not to help the victims but the perpetrators should be dealth with severely, including convictions of helping the criminals.

Those who carry out such crimes.... should be executed. After being smothered in Pig Fat and given a last meal of Pork and Bacon, with a cool, sharp harp to wash it down.
Oh, did I mention that the execution method should be drowning them in a bath of still water?
So where is there evidence that police corruption has hindered any of these enquires?

If they could quote some I may take the report more seriously..

I tend to agree , if it was just "some " then the demonstrations against the so called cartoons would have just been a few people . The honour killings would just be one or two , the demands for "their" rights would have been just one or two.
About time the so called majority , if that is what it is , of Muslims stood up and be counted . Also that they handed over their own kind who are causing the trouble.
When I was in the Army , yes I know , many years ago where ever we went we were always briefed "obey the local law and customs " or both the local law and the military law will deal with you .
Very few problems as I remember.
Well I haven't and i'm good mates with a few. So pardon me for being arsed to make the distinction between d1ckheads and good people.

"Muslims" is a tag, because its their religion.

If your cars were getting broken into 3 times a week by British born bagheads you wouldn't say, "Fcuking Catholic car thieving Cnuts - They're all car thieves" You'd lay into them for being bagheads.

Lets not alienate more of the Muslim community by becoming racists. If any the ones with common sense and good values are our best weapon against the extremists and the radical Muslims fcuking things over!

Please don't confuse me for being a PC lefty softy toss pot because i'm really not. I'm just not willing to target one group of people because of the actions of some of their number! You should consider following suit!
Ooooo Insults. Okay then Racist was the wrong word to use. There are lots of others I could use instead first few being "Narrow minded tosser" but you are obviously hell bent on blaming all of them for the actions of some of there number. Whether that be 95% of them or just a few.

Some Muslims are hard working members of the community and one of the ones I know (A married lad) is on pretty much back to back tours to work as a military Interupter even though thats not his trade. There he is, pulling his weight just so you can tie him in with the terrorist/we have more rights than you elements.

So he and most people he knows aren't setting off bombs nor does he find offence every chance he gets so any chance of using your imagination and seeing some of them in that different light of yours. Seeing as us christians (And we apparently live in a country living on christian values) are high and mighty forgiving types.
OldTimer said:
I tend to agree , if it was just "some " then the demonstrations against the so called cartoons would have just been a few people . The honour killings would just be one or two , the demands for "their" rights would have been just one or two.
About time the so called majority , if that is what it is , of Muslims stood up and be counted . Also that they handed over their own kind who are causing the trouble.
Muslim poulation of GB: approx 1.6 million

Number of people at the cartoon protests: approx 300

Number of Honour Killings: less than 12 per year
Nice one., Bad Crow. Its all about extremists and those that use the PC argument to feahter their own nests.

I hope that this site isn't going to become another right wing site. I served with all denominations, amd all were top blokes.

The media manipulate all for a story, getting bored on listening to the gullible on here....
Without wishing to plunge myself into the some/many/all debate, 12 honour killings a year is still twelve too frucking many. Agreed - it's the Daily Hate, so massive amounts of salt are required with their tinfoil-hat type theory.

Honour killings are a fecking savages' game, and those responsible should be found, and dealt with ruthlessly. Wether high echelons are hindering investigations into same or (as I suspect) not, it is still a crime under our country's law, but the perpetrators should be dealt with under the Shari'aa penal codes for murder, which is, I believe, death by beheading. That way, the islamist apologists in this country (they do exist - we're paying most of the cnuts) should be satisfied as we're being religiously inclusive, and everyone else will be satisfied because the world will be relieved of a number of evil tossers.
This "story"was in the Daily Mail, says it all really
sarnian said:
Without wishing to plunge myself into the some/many/all debate, 12 honour killings a year is still twelve too frucking many.
Agreed, completely. I just resented the 'All muslims is evil, I know 'cos I read it in the tabloids' arguements that were being put foward.

I just read through a bit of the report the Daily Mail quote-mined to get their readers spluttering over their cornflakes. As one might expect, it presents a rather more nuanced view on the situation:
I would no more want to live under a Christian theocracy than under Sharia law - point being we all must obey the secular law of the land. When religious law conflicts with the secular, the secular must trump it. If a person cannot live with this, they should move.


Thread cleaned up for obvious reasons. Here's the skinny: any more racist/extreme views and I will simply ask for accounts to be suspended. 007, enjoy it while you can as you're on borrowed time. Idiot.
If corruption or criminal activity is happening then it needs to be investigated and dealt with. I imagine that there must be some truth in the story - no smoke without fire et al!

As for the all Muslims are evil arguments that get brought out time after time, it is just not true. I would suggest that most Muslims, just like most Christians, Sikhs, Bhuddists, Jews and Jedis, want to get on in life as law abiding citizens.

Old Timer, you seem to suggest that every single Muslim should stand up and shout down those who do wrong in their name. Do you or I march on Parliament because the MPs are useless and incompetent (and generally corrupt) - I don't think so!

In every walk of life there are evil so and so's!
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