asian -Pakistani - muslim in the forces ???

Discussion in 'Officers' started by BrentfordUnited, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Two weeks ago I was accepted in too Southampton University officer training corps. The C.o and other cadets recommended applying for bursaries and sponsorship to join the army. I myself am doing a civil engineering degree.I can see myself in the army; it’s my sort of place, and a respectable carrier, I have no problem in serving the country that feeds my but, would it be a problem me serving It. If i was English- white, I would have signed the dotted line ages ago,

    My friends and my family seem to think that joining the army is a very bad Idea, not because of any moral issue, but rather they believe that the army is a racist institution with far right elements. My time in the OTC so far indicates otherwise, I have met a few soldiers, and there all sound lads. My father who grew up in Oldham seems to think the army is related to the BNP and the Nf, I don’t want to takes my dad’s advice as I believe its is Tainted form living in Oldham and growing up in the 70,s. My granddad whose brother fought in the ‘Muslim regiment’ in the Indian army and served in alamen thinks it’s a great idea. So I am really confused.

    are there any 'pakistani' in the forces ??
    would soilders be comfortable serving with a muslim ??

    Could people be as honest as possible, and forget all the niceties.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    They will probably welcome you provided you tightened up your spelling me old mucker! Get in, Good Engineers are worth having and my father in law was an Engineer Subbie and it certainly made him!
  3. That would be 2 weeks?
  4. No you are going to Aston as you said, in another part of the Forum, so your going to two Universitys, you must be a clever wah
  5. ^^^^^
    I have enrolled it Southampton, I did a foundation in mechanical at Aston, and have no moved to civil, Southampton is ranked number 2 for civil so it’s a logical move..
  6. I glad you didn't try to tell us that you are reading a degree in English........
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Your friends and family are assuming the stereotype is correct, whearea your gramps who has experience knows otherwise. Are you able to bring your family etc along to any social do's?
    The only way to beak down the stereotype is to show them the truth.
  9. As you can see with the response, we are wary to this type of questioning and look into to things carefully as jouro's and other type ask questions like this, but the answer honestly from me, no problem what so ever, got loads of mates of Asian ethnic origin , British born and not. The forces are a family and we look after our mates, quite honestly soldiers don’t make wars civi's do, we fight who we are told to! Then are friends the next day with who we fought, regardless of what religious denomination.
  10. Really?
  11. also from;

    MOD recognises excellence in the Muslim community
    10 Apr 07
    The Ministry of Defence has signalled its continuing support for the Muslim community with the presentation of an award at the annual Muslim News Awards for Excellence.

    Caption: Dr Adel Sharif, left, receives his award from Rear Admiral Amjad Hussain, the UK's highest ranking Muslim officer
    [Picture: Konta TV Production/The Muslim News]
    Rear Admiral Amjad Hussain presented the Fazlar Rahman Khan award for Engineering, Science and Technology on behalf of the MOD and the Armed Forces to Dr Adel Sharif. Dr Sharif is Associate Professor and Reader in Chemical and Process Engineering, and Director of The Centre for Osmosis Research and Applications at Surrey University’s School of Engineering. He has received several awards for his work on desalination and water purification, and holds seven patents for inventions in this field.

    The presentation by Rear Admiral Hussain, the highest ranking Muslim officer in the Armed Forces, formed part of the MOD's continual support for the awards ceremony - it's the fourth consecutive year that the MoD and Armed Forces have sponsored the awards.

    Rear Admiral Hussain said:

    "It gives me great pleasure to present this award and I am delighted that the Ministry of Defence is once again sponsoring the Muslim News Awards. Promoting religious tolerance and diversity across the Armed Forces is very important to the MoD. The Muslim community makes a tremendous contribution to the United Kingdom and these awards present an excellent platform to promote their achievements."

    The Muslim News is the largest monthly independent Muslim newspaper in the UK. The Muslim News Awards are designed to recognise and highlight the achievements of individuals, initiatives or organisations and to counter misconceptions and prejudices about the Muslim community. Nominations in the 15 award categories are made by the readers of Muslim News and are judged by a panel of experts drawn from the UK Muslim community.

    Ethnic minority representation in the Armed Forces has risen substantially in recent years, from just over 1% in 1999 to around 5.8% as at 1 January 2007. This is the sixth year that the Army has been judged to be the top Public Sector performer in the annual Race for Opportunity benchmarking exercise for its race related policies and practices.

    All three Services have specialist Diversity Action Teams aimed at promoting Armed Forces careers to UK ethnic minority communities. The Teams are aiming to create new and build on existing community partnerships. This includes links with secondary schools, local/borough councils, community organisations, religious organisations, employment groups, youth centres, festival organisers and the ethnic media
  12. If you conduct a search on 'Nightrained's' racists posts and reactions yesterday there's your answer.
  13. A soldier is a soldier and stands or falls on whether he is good at what he does, irrespective of race, colour or creed. Get stuck in and be the best, be a British soldier.... one of the chosen*.

    *The above does not apply to Taz_786 who is a turd of the highest order.
  14. Becauae the army are so scared of being non PC offically they would do you favours if anythings. They would like you for image. Plenty of people would proberly not really want you there some even suspoicous. If you care about people opions proberly better not to bother but why care.