Asian / Middle Eastern pair taken off plane at Malaga

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frenchperson, Aug 20, 2006.

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    Incidents like this should be reported to the Daily Mail at once - in order for the wider public to be advised on how to remain vigilant. They weren't wearing sombreros; they weren't carrying luminous donkeys; their skin colour was neither white nor lobster red.

    They should be held and grilled for 90 days at least - to protect the travelling public, and to explain to the authorities how this alarming situation came about.
  2. No, no, no. They should be ignored at all costs to avoid offending people like you.
  3. Why didn't they shoot them on the runway? Should non Caucasians be allowed to fly? Or should flights be segrated on racial and religious grounds ie 1 Shia, 1 Sunni flight a day with fighter escort
  4. Typical BBC, only telling half of the story:

  5. Oh Stoaty, the Daily Mail has obviously manufactured that bit of the story as the BBC would never selectively report news... :roll:
  6. I don't know, I got off the tube on July the 8th last year because I saw some Muslims, everyone was very uneasy on that friday. This sort of thing will grow I think, people have the right to be vigalant but no offence but I remember coming back to Manchester a few days ago in Terminal 1 arrivals seeing a flight come back from Malaga with the typical British chav scum all sunburnt and drunk, sometimes it makes you ashamed to be British.
  7. Long hair? I'd shot the b@stards outright for that alone.
  8. The Daily Mail are past masters at producing non-stories such as the one quoted above.

    Never mind aircraft, we should be banning "liquids" from all future Daily Mail lunches. It might dilute the hacks' tendency to churn out creative innuendo. The travelling public might become less prone to hysterical behaviour - which could only be a good thing (apart from selling less papers). (edited to say: oh, that's also a good thing)
  9. Both Monty the cricketer and a former Muslim RAF officer colleague of mine would be removed from a flight under some of these "intelligence led profiling" criteria.

    The calibre of passengers who use Monarch from Malaga would probably be suspicious of anyone without an "Ingerlund" tattoo and a shaven sunburnt head.

    This will get ugly - it is only a matter of time before someone sues an airline for such treatment.
  10. There's rather more to it than race/language, but.... bottom line, certain racial factors do have a bearing on the likelyhood of a passenger potentially being a threat. Yes, the nay sayers will point to those persons who may, due to skin tone or whatever other factor "have slipped the net" in the past, profiling is not a panacea it is however a useful tool in a wider, sensible airline security system.

    As an NI resident I have experienced profiling in the past, at a time when perhaps we were less sensitive to such things...It never troubled as it was patent to me why I had to undergo a seperate check-in procedure and declare my intentions to the 'Branch. In my experience those who did complain about it were frequently those who were actually worthy of closer attention anyway.
  11. I don't believe the Daily Mail thing about padded jackets, etc. They'll probably apologise for making it up in six months time and disguise the apology as a crossword clue - and by then everyone will have moved on to the next farcical situation, whatever that is.
  12. Frenchy, people like you only believe what suits your twisted world view.

    I'm with biscuits on this one. I didn't hear you or your human rights buddies piping up when everyone going into Belfast city centre was getting searched by an armed copper. Or spending twice as long at the airport flying out of NI.
  13. Is that because the Mail reported it, or because you think the passnegers were being a bit artistic in their portrayal of the asians? :?
  14. Evidently two White coated men refused to take to a cricket pitch this afternoon after 11 Asian looking men were seen loitering without intent near their changing room door.
  15. Here you go...

    Says it all really.

    Matt from the Daily Telegraph

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