Asian Councillor Arguing FOR Christmas traditions

For years, the city's Christmas lights have spelled out the decidedly unfestive message 'Welcome' (in several languages, of course).
But this year is different in Wolverhampton - tradition has made a comeback and the decorations have been switched on to reveal the words 'Happy Christmas'.

And the about-turn is all thanks to the efforts of one Asian councillor. Elias Mattu met council officers and argued for the true meaning of Christmas to be re-incorporated into the £150,000 display.

The 46-year-old, who is a Punjabi Christian, said: "Some officials seemed to think that it might offend some minorities.

"I pointed out that in India we have more than 500 religions. We have no problem getting on with minorities.

"I don't know of a single minority in Britain who is offended by the mention of Christmas....."
Hallah-flipping-luyah. How aptly put and by someone who supposedly meant to be offended! I hope all other Christmas-killers and pc-bone idlers out there take note as well. Rest Of Article


Just goes to show you eh? Hopefully it'll be a sentiment which will spread to London and all those other PC ridden sh*tholes.
I'm not a great fan of most councillors, but I'd shake this one's hand. Not because I'm an avid Christian or anything like that, but he seems to be making a very unusual stand for common sense in a world that is flooded with crazy PC ideas. A big well done to Councillor Mattu.
It's hardly the most watertight piece of journalism when you highlight a Christian who is in favour of Christmas, albeit he's from Asia!?


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I have yet to see a complaint about Christmas from an immigrant. I have seen plenty of complaints "on their behalf" by white, middle class Grauniad readers.
agreed. Modern Christmas is a European pagan festival to celebrate midwinter and get the punters spending money, with Baby Jesus as an excuse chucked in.

My local Scumerfield supermarket in London NW1 is largely mulim staffed. I.e. no no staff at Eid or other Muslim festivals. But today they are all putting the Chrimbo stuff out. No one is offended in this part of multi cultural Britian. All the kids in school learn about the different faiths and generally they are an excuse for more parties sweeties etc from different mates.

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