Ashtead Re-drink

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by saintstone, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. The Grenadier

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  2. The Moon in the Mall

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  3. Leicester Square

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  1. On Sat 3rd November, there will be a meeting of the Ashtead Crawlers,dress will be your nimby t-shirt and whatever else takes your fancy. The usual suspects will be there:- Poppy, The Snake,Artemis,Gremlin, and anyone else who puts their name to the list.
    Suggested meeting places to be PM'd to me. Also added Pomps, Signet, BBR, LMS. the Grenadier has been suggested as a starting point.
    List so far:-
    The Snake
    Lil' Miss Saint
    Padme and bloke
    One winged angel
    Dale the snail
  2. But it will be November and COLD and if we go to the Gren we will be OUTSIDE and COLD, saints :cry:
  3. Well, quit whining like a beaten puppy and make a better suggestion.
  4. Fuck off, colonial, you aren't even going to be there. P and J?
  5. The recommendation has been made for anywhere but the P & J, How about the Moon Of The Mall.
  6. And why would you be outside? You don't even smoke, so you can stay inside in the warm. All suggestions made by PM please.
  7. Yes dad :) Check pms :D
  8. Well, you'll have to wear some knickers for a change, won't you, you tacky trollop.
  9. Sainty good news

    Hubby promised to get rid of mum-in-law ,so we can make it to the crawl!!!!!!!
    Can't wait,just have to find hotel now
  10. I vote for The Grenadier (I want to try the food)
  11. Food is good, especially if someone else pays for it :D
  13. For those of us who reside North of Watford,where are these hostelries located?

    Pardon my geographic ignorance.
  14. London, dear. You thick northern monkey!!!
  15. Thats rich coming from someone with Dual Nationality.

    Home in Andover and weekend place in Richmond ?