Ashtead needs your support!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ChezVegas, Dec 28, 2010.

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  1. Being off work and bored I stumbled across the Nimby Neighbours thread. Some amazing work done by all involved by the way. Alot of pages to read so have not made it to the end yet, however - like turning to the back page of a book I was going to look at your Facebook group and see how it ended. The link was in there buried somewhere so I searched for Ashtead to see what it would bring up.

    Looks like Ashtead needs your campaigning skills. The ARS do not seem happy that Tesco is going to be making an appearance!!

    Facebook group: Save Ashtead | Facebook

    Website: Over 2,000 responses to questionnaire, could halt Ashtead Tesco plans.

    Seems to have been going on for over a year, shame they didn't learnt anything from looking in on the efforts made by ARRSE.

    It seems you are still a sore point though: 'We have had enough hostility in the last two year, petitions , banners, street canvassers…. isn’t it time Ashtead was left in peace to make something of this opportunity to grow.' Quoted from Website.