Ashstead Council up to their old tricks

As found in the Daily Mail today.

One particular pirate prop was a must for David Waterman as he organised a themed party for his daughter's birthday.

With cutlass-wielding youngsters running around in eye patches, he thought, a Jolly Roger flag would add the perfect finishing touch - and he duly hung the Skull and Crossbones from the side of the family home.

Unfortunately the local council didn't see the jolly side and Mr Waterman has been threatened with prosecution unless he removes the 5ft by 3ft banner.
Last night, the fireman and former soldier hit out at the "disgraceful" waste of taxpayers' money.

While his daughter Madeleine's eighth birthday party went off successfully, he is so angry at the council's pettiness that he has decided to leave the flag in place on a point of principle and pay the £95 administration fee to apply for 'advertising consent' which would enable him to continue flying it outside his home in Ashtead, Surrey.

A senior council officer has warned him it is unlikely to be granted.

Father-of-four Mr Waterman, who works at Battersea fire station in South London, said: "I find it ridiculous that the council are fighting me over this.

"It's a £5 flag, not hurting anyone, and they're probably spending hundreds of pounds of our cash getting me to take it down. That could be spent on improving the local area."

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I had the same problem with my Swastika... bloody jobsworths eh?



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