Ashes To Ashes


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smudge67 said:
She's a dog isn't she ;)
Woof, Woof (a la Leslie Phillips)
Did they make a profit?
She's a bitch and looks a bit woof,sorry rough
Shut it slag!!!!
On the only clue they had o their suspect was that he had been in prison.

"Well that's half the population and all of Sunderland!"
No no pretty sure it's real


Its from Antoine Verglas. Can I also just remind people that she was in Tippin the velvet, good times!

Trivia fun fact was also in the video for Shes a Star by James
"If you're riding the white cotton pony, then you can go home now"

DCI Gene Hunt, Fri 9 Apr 10....classic
Csnt wait for all the Walts to be using Army service numbers begining 276 :roll: and serving in the Falklands, as they heard the number tonight. :lol: :lol:


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