Ashes to Ashes - Gene Hunt is back.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Victorian_Major, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Gene Hunt - arrse hero returns:

    Life after Life on Mars

    This time in the 80's and with two Bodie and Doyle sidekicks. You couldn't make this up. I'm no fan of the infernal tube but I'll be watching this one.
  2. there IS a god!!
  3. As the writers of the the first one said, you just can't remake The Sweeney, but you can do a cracking good parody then think of a storyline to fit.

    There'll be extra fifty-pences by the TV meter whilst Ashes is on.
  4. Hopefully the wet poofy one is content with being Dr Who so there will be less moralising in between huntism-ridden baddie vs goodie scenes.
  5. 'ave it...
  6. Anybody up for doing a blag. I've got the nostrils and a tranny van.
  7. fark orf you tranny slaaaag
  8. It will interesting -
    I thought the BBC un-intentionally made a hero of DC Gene Hunt
    They were trying to highlight his arrogant - sexist and homophobic attitudes
    Unfortunatly (for them) Philip Glenister carried it off 'to well'
    and we all fcuking loved it!!
    We all loved his totally un-PC attitude like a breath of fresh air!!

    The sandal wearing-Yogurt knitting Liberal BBC have many hidden agenda's and Feminism is one of 'em!
    (not that I disagree with some of their arguments)

    They could make DC hunt well, look like a right Cnut!
    (the wording isn't lost on the BBC neither)
    Like I said ..It will be interesting
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Er, Life on Mars was developed by C4 before the BBC picked it up. By then Gene Hunt was written. The writers developed a warm, engaging character with the attitude of a bygone era. If they were trying to portray a sexist homophobe to meet some hidden, secret agenda, thats what they would have written.

    Looking foward to Gene giving it some in Ashes to Ashes
  10. If the trailer is anything to go by it's going to be a lot of fun. All hail Gene Hunt :wink:

  11. "We see a different side to Gene – a more complex, gentler side, a man with dreams, hopes and fears." :pissedoff: :shakefist:

    they'd best not turn our Gene into a raging hermer doing kissy stuff and all that rubbish!!!!

    Unless we get to see him in his pants, then it's all good!! :D
  12. I hope though but from the review:

    "We see a different side to Gene – a more complex, gentler side, a man with dreams, hopes and fears."
  13. "We see a different side to Gene – a more complex, gentler side, a man with dreams, hopes and fears."[/quote]

    As it's based in London, I fear that we may well see him drinking Shandy.
  14. I believe the BBC rejected it first time - Chan 4 rejected it too - before been rewritten for the BBC

    (Matthew Graham, the lead writer of Life on Mars, had the scripts rejected by the BBC in 1999, and again by Channel 4 two years later. After many rewrites, the BBC eventually gave the green light.)

    Don't get me wrong - I loved Life on Mars and thought Gene Hunt was excellent - like I said - a breath of fresh air

    Just had a read up on Matthew Graham and seems a decent bloke and not your usual left wing script writer that seem to hog our television Drama's
    (Richard Curtis - Alan Bleasedale)