To my everlasting shame :oops: I caught the first couple of minutes of Trisha on C5 and Sgt Nauokas of Bad Lads Army fame was on it...

Bootcamp My Terrible Teen.
Daytime discussion show. Anita is worried that daughter Jessica has got in with the wrong crowd. Will Sgt Nauokas be able to make Jessica stand to attention? Pamela is worried that Amy is sexually active and getting drunk at school. Charlene is terrified that her 15-year-old son is going to end up dead or in prison. His friends are already behind bars and he's been out of school for her a year. Can Boot Camp turn him round?
Dunno who should be more ashamed, me for seeing it or him for being on it! What is the world coming to!
it all depends on: would Jessica get it?

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