Ashamed, the wounded soldier abandoned by his country

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Story by Terri Judd, The Independent. Awkward timing in view of our support for Headley Court, but this is one soldier's story.

    Ashamed and racked with guilt, the wounded soldier abandoned by his country

    Full story at LINK
  2. army again i think you will find a lot more than just one fella. bring it out to the papers then the army will act its the only way to get things done.
  3. Outfuckingrageous!
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

    Arrse... Another thread running with same story.

    Is there an end to this treatment? Not until funding is increased and the spin is removed. Come on Government. Give us what we deserve for risking our lives.
  5. What happenned to, LEST WE FORGET.
    seems they are forgotten even quicker these days, an abysmal way to treat our nations finest.
  6. Disgusting, but entirely unsurprising.
  7. Full story at LINK[/quote]

    This is just totally disgraceful this soldier and other soldiers need help straight away with there medical problems

    These issue's should be addressed immediately
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Is this one for BAFF?

  9. Hah! Don't you know that "Lest We Forget" just isn't fashionable these days? :roll:

    Oh, it's easy enough for the pollies to pay lip-service every time November 11th rolls around, after all the dead don't demand anything, don't really cost anything and even the families fade away after a while. It's those pesky wounded folk who keep demanding, well help that cause all the hassle.

    Now, if only we could think of a way to get rid of them... Oh yes! If we ignore them long enough, hopefully they'll have enough of the pain and the humiliation and knock back all of their painkillers with a bottle of gin. Oh yes, that sounds like a plan, the Treasury will be so pleased...

    CNUTS! :pissedoff:
  10. Senior Brass and Government should be strung up... it is a disgrace.
  11. It beggars belief and rises bile to the back of my throat. Just WHAT will it take to knock the 'system' into some vague semblance of order? Blood on the hands of ministers, bean counters, MOD et al obviously isn't enough! :x

    More immediately important a Q is what can be done to assist this chap?
  12. Covenant? what covenant??

    Duty and loyalty seems to have become a bit of a one-way street these days.

    Perhpas we should blame the town planners ??
  13. See the other thread mentioned - soldiersmum knows the mother of Sgt Jones, who is eager that the PM is lobbied about this. I will be sending letters to my MP, to Gordon Brown, to Her Majesty The Queen, to HRH The Prince of Wales and to the Colonel-in-Chief of the RRF, HRH The Duke of Kent for a start!

    I'm going to PM an ARRSEr who was a good friend of Sgt Jones to see if he can help with getting contact details for LCpl Dryden so that messages of support can be sent to him.
  14. MILITARY Hospitals in France 15 [Fifteen]..........
    military hospitals in the UK................NIL......just about sums up the failure of government to look after its fighting men, women and veterans.