Ashamed of World leaders, so workers take action

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BobJamesCo, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. You wait til Mr Thabo Mbeki catches on - well he is the one who says there's no crisis in Zimbabwe.

    Good work trade union fellas!
  2. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Good on the relevent South African unions.

    A country with over 100,000% inflation should not be in the business of purchasing more weapons.

    It would appear that the Mugabe regime is being backed by the communist Chinese.Fraternal support for Comrade Bob?.
  3. Bob was backed by China, before and during the war, IIRC, so nothing has changed
  4. tell the french some green peace activists have got on board and maydo something?

    thus enter th french special underwater knife fighting frogs who will blow the boat up?

    anyone got paint shop to touch up the pictures on the interweb with some green peace logos and send it to the french

  5. It could be too little, too late for many though? :x
  6. ZANU - Bobs lot were always backed by the Chinese, Zipra were backed by the Sovs. First thing ZANU did, after independance, was get rid of the ZIPRA foot soldiers.

    The BBC is saying that at the time of independance Mugabe was in the bush fighting - yeah right - he was always a politico well away from (apart from ordering it) anything wet and smelly.

    Never forget that the Chinese trainers taught the terrorists to rape captured women, but leave them alive so they could spread the message of horror.
  7. Fraternal support for privileged access to Zimbabwe's platinum mines, they have the second or third largest reserves in the world IIRC, more like.
  8. Some of the comments on there are great:

    Made me giggle like a fool!

    This guy sums up the problems in Africa - Africans won't/can't do anything to sort out their own mess. S.Africa is probably in a better position than others to deal with the mess on their doorstep why should it come down to other continents*. I'd love to see the UK square the previous breadbasket of Africa away again but everybody knows it would be viewed as an act of Imperialism - my god there'd be handwringing from so many do-gooders it would be more sickly than Dianas funeral!

    *Before anyone slaps me down over Iraq and Afghanistan being on other continents those campaigns were for (legitimately or not) international problems.