Ash Plant - where to get one?

Growing old and arthritic - Murder Ball injury sustained with the Cadets (pre-Regular army) now beginning to give me jip when I walk the dog, kick the wife, flee the kids: y'know.

Have decided I need an occasional walking stick: preferably something akin to thaose wielded in 'A Clockwork Orange'. (I Have a few young chav neighbours who I'd liek to treat like the wino in the subway . . . )

Properly proprotioned Ash Plant would be the bizniss.

Any Chaps out there who could point me toward a supplier in the Oxon/Bucks/Northants/Beds/Herts area?


War Hero
Bought a realy nice one at a country fair I attended in the summer! :D There are some pretty big fairs at most Country Houses throughout the year. :wink: Yep, you are dead right, I feel much safer walking the streets now, I even manage an athritic hip sort of slouch now to go with it! Get one with a large spike or cast iron knob on the end for effect, or just ask for a nice brass ferrule instead like mine! :D

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