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Discussion in 'Officers' started by kinghooker, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. recently passed RCB but was told i had to attend the pre-sandhurst course at worthy down.i was just wondering if anyone could fill me in on what the course actually entails etc. Is it any good?will i be bored stupid and trapped somewhere in the middle of England with no escape? thanks
  2. I am not going to bother answering any more of these questions, for the pure and simple reason that I'm utterly sick of them.

    10 out of 10 for asking the question, but even a cursory examination of this board alone reveals several threads asking exactly the same question i.e. yours.

    Use some of that initiative and read them first, then ask your question if they don't help.

    I liked it, btw. Now read the threads.
  3. will i be bored stupid and trapped somewhere in the middle of England with no escape?

    Even 40 years ago - well before the 'sexual revolution' - the local area had a number of wild females who found even the Pay Corps exciting so bored or trapped is down to you and your iniative
  4. i have worked my way through all the officer threads and i still have questions.what is the rate of pay?is it the same as sandhurst or less?the information i did find was from three years ago and only debating if the pre-rmas course was still in exsistence.if you do answer these questions often why not have some kind of standard reply giving the necessary information rather than some arsey condescending rant.
  5. Oooh! Nice bit of attitude... try that approach out on your Junior Term CSgt...and let us know before you do, so we can catch it all on film.

    Seriously though, if you forgot to ask these questions when you were being briefed, or don't have the ballcocks to phone Worthy Down, then why rant off when somebody posting on an unofficial website won't tell you what you want.

    Wonder why the RCB boys think you need a bit more polishing before day one at the Factory?
  6. i already phoned sandhurst seen as they were the ones sending me the letter in the first place and they said they had no record of me being put forward for the course despite me having a letter from them telling me my joining instructions were to be sent for the september course.the reason i was asking the questions on here in the first place is because i wanted some actual information of what its like on the course and what is to be expected rather than the standard blurb that they tell everyone.however it seems everyone is keeping any helpful information to themselves so i'll just have to wait till september.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator


    With your attitude, I doubt that you will pass any of the courses that you appear to want to go on.

    Get real, this is not an official Army site. If you want specific information about a specific course, you need to speak to your sponsor or the course organisers: Arrse is not the place to come to for this kind of help. Organise yourself and ask the questions of people who can give you an authoritative answer.
  8. Kinghooker

    The course is 14 weeks (ish) and is probably the best kept secret in the Army (along with the PODC (which runs alongside PRMAS)); I did PODC prior to RMAS. You write stacks of essays, give presentations, book reviews, visits (including London Museums, theatre etc), there used to be a week in Ypres and loads of visting lecturers. Basically, everything good, can't think of any bad points. Have fun.

    PS Calm down a bit on the attitude, remember this is an unofficial site and D_D is a top bloke!
  9. Is this a wah?

  10. er...take the hint you choppsie cnut, are you sure you didn't misunderstand the RCB letter?

    and we wonder why we question the standards of the clowns the factory is turning out these days?
  11. RMAS have no 'record' of you being put forward for PRAMS because they don't care who you are yet. RCB loads you direct with ASE who then liase with RMAS to identify a slot on the next available CC. It is not uncommon for PRAMS candidates (OCdts) to be in a holding pattern for anything up to 6 months waiting for a slot after PRAMS.

    If you have an issue with your JIs, call Westbury again, or get hold of ASE.

    And you get paid at OCdt rates of pay, currently £36.92 per day.

    Now I suggest you fcuk off, find some manners, and turn up with the proper attitude, because something tells me you aren't going to be too hard to spot on a course with 3 people on it...
  12. Well said D_D, we weren't like that when we were there, were we? They were some of the top few months in my whole career, I can see why they think kinghooker is not ready as Yoda once said to Luke.

    Kinghooker, you will love it, so calm down, stop abusing everyone and look forward to a great couple of months at ASE. By the way, the areas is great on the lash too, Winchester, Southampton etc and some top totty to pass the time with.
  13. Oooooh. The Force is strong in this one. I hope he passes and get someone just like me* as his first CSgt.

    *You know, sweet, tolerant, amiable, forgiving and deeply respectful of the commissioned Herrenvolk, that kind of thing.