ASDA York Wins Loo of The Year

Went to ASDA York about a week ago and had to nip into the karsi, or to see the president of Afghanistan... I know - shit joke!

Couldn't help but notice the Large Green Sticker on all the mirrors that said: LOO OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNER 2008.

Gave the place a quick once over and headed for the customer service desk.

Spoke to said operative and asked to speak to the manager... told her I was a reporter... so I'm reporting now... can't be held up as a liar and all that.... and I'm certain ASDA believe there's no such thing as bad publicity... however much of an inconvenience it may seem.

She spoke to the duty manager on the phone and then passed the phone to me. I gave him my pitch.
Hello, I've just been to the gents toilet and couldn't help noticing that you've won the loo of the year award.... you must be very proud of that seen as you've plastered stickers all over the mirrors. Oh, yes he replied, it's great to be recognised (my mind added - as a shit house attendant).

Great stuff I said, can you tell me, Is the perverts peep hole drilled into the wall that has been there for several months a prerequisite of entrance into the prestigious crapper of the year award competition?...... silence.

O.K. I said, is the fact that none of the taps have worked for several months the criteria that finally swung 'shit house of the year award' in your general direction?

"What are you hoping to achieve?" he asked. The stark staring obvious I replied, but clearly that went over your dick head.

...... Smiled, passed phone back to red faced lady, swung umbrella under armpit and strolled off towards the exit.

I can now report. All taps working, peep hole covered. Award notices removed.
Now... you could say... they responded quickly - however, I tried the same report with courtesy to the customer services desk about a month previous and ziltch.... nothing like managers of award winning shit houses and the fear of publicity to get things done.
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