Asda do not acknowledge MOD 90

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pilgrimfather, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. Just thought I would add to the rant pile in light of recent press.

    The missus, who is also serving just got ID'd for some booze in Asda, to be fair she does look young (maybe half the appeal)! She only had her MOD 90 on her. The woman serving refused to accept this as a valid form of identification and so she had to leave empty handed.

    It's funny that you can get married to a munter in Asda but they can't recognise Army ID!!

    Completely new one on me that! Ho hum. :x
  2. Did she ask to see a supervisor or the manager? Some of the retards who work on the tills barey recognise daylight let alone an ID card.
  3. And so it begins again i rounded up the lads
  4. Certain banks/building societies and finance houses don't recognised the MOD Form 90 as a form of ID either. Must be other establishments in the country that don't but havent dumped into them yet
  5. Hardly surprising, really. Does anybody look like their MOD 90 photo?
  6. Whistles for the outrage bus!!!!!!!!


  7. :D class
  8. Had this in a pub in Grantham (the play house if anyones interested), she accepted that i was old enough to buy a drink because i pointed out where my date of birth was. However, she had only been told to accept driving licenses and passports, so wouldn't sell me beer.

    I went back later and smeared shit all over the toilets and pissed in the sinks
  9. Had the same situation, supermarket are crap for this, bloody jobsworths! My RAF 1250 got turned away (intially) when I tried to buy (admitedly a lot of booze) at asda for a party. The spotty cunt on the till turned it away, i kicked up a fuss and asked tos ee the manager, he said hmmmm. Made a quick phone call, and said "It'll do I suppose, just make sure you carry legitimate ID next time!" Fucking LEGITIMATE??? Cunts of the highest order.
  10. Whilst waiting for Mrs B to emerge from hairdresser, gulped down a pint of foaming ale in a nearby W@nkerspoons. Asked the barman why they did accept MOD90 as a form of ID.

    His answer was that it does not carry one of the security markings that show up under UV light and can, so he claimed, be easily forged.
  11. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Fucking hell, people.

    Get your driving licence out and stop showing off. MOD90 is NOT a legitimate civilian ID. It's a military one. It gets you onto camp. It occasionally gets you a tenner off if the particular establishment offers forces discount. That's about it. End of.
  12. ASDA staff are paid minimum wage (or a few pence more).
    I assume there are company rules as to which forms of ID are acceptable.
    I understand that, if caught selling to someone under-age, (and not requesting valid ID) they can be fined and/or dismissed.
    They are paid (peanuts) to do as instructed ....... not to make company policies.
  13. Cow

    Cow LE

    But it does...

    My misses runs a pub, all they will accept is Driving Licences, Passports and ID Cards with the Government Age Verification Hologram on them. Although I'm sure she'd accept MoD ID she doesn't have to as the staff aren't trained/shown what all the different valid ID types are.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Ask anyone in the licienced trade how many hooky IDs they see in a week - bought off of the internet for the most part. They are trained to accept driving licience and passport. The Asda lass probabaly never saw a MOD90 in her life.

    OR.... Asda is controlled by Zionist lizards who live under Lake Geneva.

    You decide.
  15. Due to the number of people in the Armed Forces now and the number of people who haven't served, a MoD 90 is as rare as a member of the Labour Party with balls. No one knows what they are is the simple fact and as Fugly so elloquently put, outside of our little gang, its not 'officially recognised civilian ID'. Unfortunately the simple fact of todays society.

    dhgrainger1, your RAF 1250 should get you turned away from most military establishments due to it being a hermasexual club card. ;)