Apparently there was a bit of a problem up in MCM getting the results out electronically so most, if not all, didn't get them today. I have seen a document for Tech Elect but I'm going to wait until Monday or Tuesday to see something a bit more official.

Took him a month to think of that witty retort.


It's really strange to see all those passing being really young and all Cpl's. It wont be long before those selected are too young and inexperienced to be taken seriously. Isnt this the problem the RE have? Their CoW's are looked down upon like sh*t because of their ages and fast tracking.

I would hate to see us go that way...yet we have. Not that I am against change but i really dont see this new selection system being the right way ahead. Like I thought the getting rid of VMA & B, RD, VE were all wrong.

Is there a wheel left in the universe that REME havent reinvented yet?

Well done anyway to all those who passed and good luck on your courses. Just never forget how to ask for help.
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