Discussion in 'REME' started by davecrafty, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know if these can be viewed online?
  2. Nope. Not that i know of.
    They go to all units that are involved ie they have pers that have been cat a,b,c or whatever and the schools in question too.
    Hope this helps
  3. Sorry Dave
    Forgot to add........
    they are released 9th Feb this year i think.
    Happy hunting if you're waiting
  4. There is int out there in some, shall we say rather larger, REME units. If you have guys who have come off the board your unit should have recieved a signal or email in the last 24 hrs. The results are not official until the 9th. As a lot of courses were loaded up on the last ASCLB, some people will be waiting a while for a course. If you look at the plot the VMs are about every 3 months, but there are very few Ac/Av/Tech Elec courses about and about one Armr a year!
  5. The results will be released on ArmyNet on 9th Feb, the question was asked in the REME MCM Forum on ArmyNet.
  6. I really must find my log-in information and fight my way back onto Armynet.... then I might know what is going on!

    Then again, I might not!

  7. Just had a butchers at that, didnt know it was there.
    Bloody good idea.
    Answers from the head shed too. Very impressive.
    Well done Reme MCM Div. Proactive not reactive at last. No doubt due to a long overdue shake up of personalities.
    CP you're ace! :blowkiss:

    (ps I've been nice, now can you please post me somewhere nice? :meditate: )
  8. I am afraid you are stuck with that kebab van for a bit longer yet Catch.

    Me? I am outa there :headbang: