ASCLB Results??

Discussion in 'REME' started by websters, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. I believe they were out today?

    My unit like normal haven't got a clue, has anyone else??
  2. Yes i've seen them, my ASM e-mailed them to me today to have a gander at. I only looked at the Tech ones and if you're a tech with the same surname as your screen name then i didn't see your name there :(
  3. And for informational purposes for techs, sixty-odd were eligible however fifty-odd were above the quality line fighting for eight places on this board...... Ouch :(
  4. ha no not my name was more wondering if the list was on line or armynet as need to check for the boys in work as well, cheers anyhow mate
  5. :p didn't see it on Armynet or the Mil Secretary website today, normally takes anything up to a week but they're definately about in the CoC.
  6. The results went on the promotion page of the CSS reg soldiers MS area at about 1145 yesterday (25th).
  7. I've just had a look on Armynet and am unable to find it!
    Do you have a link percussion_maintenance?
  8. It was on the MS pages through defence intranet not your common or garden interweb.

    I hope this helps, though by now you've probably had the official nod. I hope it was good news for you.

    I wasn't looking for myself anyway as I missed the boat many years since.

  9. Seen the results today.