ASCLB Results

Discussion in 'REME' started by naked_mole_rat, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Congratulations to all who came off the board, especially the singular Tech Av who got selected. Mate you are gonna have a hard time cheating on that course! :smurf:
  2. All the other Tech AV's are busy counting the 12K some asswipe decided to offer them to stay in.

    Next on the hitlist is 30K for TSS in return for them to go MTI!!

    Oh yeah well done to those who where selected to attend Art trg.....thread hijack over.
  3. are the results on ms web yet?
  4. not got intranet, checked ms web, the link is there but nowt on it, typical
  5. my fingers are crossed!!!
  6. The link is down but the file is still there: ASCLB Apr 10

    Log into Armynet first though.
  7. How come so few came off this time? 25 across the trades seems unusually low, even for the Apr board.
  8. due to a trusted source there was only some 85 pers attending the board....
  9. The lack of people being boarded is because you now have to be FULLY QUALIFIED to go to the board, another of the Corps best kept secrets!
  10. you mean I need my spine removed prior to going to the board?
  11. Only available in Corps Instructions, MS web and from any RCMO on request... not that good a secret. REME desk publicised all those pot candidates in good time for boarding; any pot tiff worth his salt should be up to scratch with what's expected, and if he/she meets those criteria. As an aside, why would one expect to go forward without being qualified?

    PS Cpls need not be SCLM qual'd to go to board. Congrats if you were one of the (un)lucky 25.
  12. As an aside...

    Did anyone notice a few names missing from the your SSgt Assignment Board this time round?

    Oh thats because they have been given WO2 slots despite not even boarding on the SSgt-WO2 board.

    Of course they couldn't tell you lot that now could they. After all you need all those years in Rank dont you?

    From Page 187 of the Crafty this month

    The Corps Ethos Meassage

    Arte 'By Skill'

    Making it work Delivering a technical solution no matter what the problem

    You have got to love them.
  13. omb,

    Be careful with your claims. Your "facts" are wrong and you are jumping to dangerous conclusions.

    The way that REME Sldr Wg now is trying to be open in publishing lots of stuff on the web (unlike most other capbadges) seems to be leading to ill informed comment. Without all the facts it is wrong to comment. Glasgow works to a set of fairly rigorous rules. It would be anarchy if they just decided to do their own thing as an expedient. It would create precedents which would lead to plain unfairness.

    Perhaps less should be published if it leads to such barbs.
  14. Christ I've just launched my brew all over my desk.

    You really need to stop wearing that " I love the MCM Div" T-shirt Okimato.

    Plain unfairness is their bread and butter! along with inconsistency, u-turns and blantant disregard for truthful culpability when they f**k up.