ASCLB April 09 Results????

Discussion in 'REME' started by crokkett76, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Anyone got the results of the ASCLB just gone, April 09 Any help will be useful, as i am away from work at present.
  2. Thursday is the day.
  3. dont you just need a nominal role from the latest class 1 course nowadays?!

    meeeeoooowwww!! :)
  4. Anyone able to forward me the tech land systems results please? :)
  5. As of yet i see no help, only stupid comits, with a little help, that it could of been thursday just gone, Armynet is it normal self late with all results.

    Sorry can not help with the Tech Land Sytems.
  6. They should have officially been released today so it's just a waiting game now.
  7. Sorry only just read this I receieved them yesterday if you dont get any joy let me know I can send them Monday....Wasn't many names from both Tech streams though!
  8. Yes please send them, it will be very useful...
  9. hi, am new here and on a mission to get the April 09 ASCLB results. Any chance to get them without waiting for getting their ar** in gear? Am under tons of pressure :( as my job here depends on my hubby going to Bordon either this year or next! Any help would be brilliant!!!! thanks in advance - by all means any info welcome to my e-mail address - again many thanks!!!!
  10. Guys apologies I have been out of office.....however just go to the REME Soldier Wing Website and the results should be on their....obviously you need access to a DII PC.
  11. Results now posted on Armynet, along with CPL to SGT VM combined nominal role for those interested.