Ascension Island With My Girlfriend

Discussion in 'Travel' started by LFc.AJ, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. Me and my girlfriend are looking to go on a SCUBA holiday to ascension island. I'm military and she is not a dependant which is where it gets tricky.
    Does anyone know of any price guidelines for myself and her to fly from either RAF Akrotiri (Cyprus) or RAF Brize Norton (UK)?
  2. Gets around, doesn't she? First Cyprus, now Ascension. Does she actually exist?
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  3. "we" get around. And she's as real as i imagine her to be :)
  4. Have you got a sister?
  5. She not dependant, so expect full price for her, its halfway to FI so expect flight and return for around £800 for her, u go indulgence dont be expected to be on same flight if a priority takes over
  6. basically get married and sort the other thread out first ????? your in Cyprus go diving there or Eygpt its closer
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  7. She could always swim there from Cyprus!
  8. Thought Egypt was a bit iffy at the moment?
  9. Your girlfriend is Xena Warrior Princess and I claim my 7 WoW groats!

  10. If you were married would it make a difference?
  11. if she were a dependant she'd be able to go on indulgance prices, we've done near every dive site in cyprus, been egypt and just got back from Jordan, looking for a chilled out holiday and was wondering about prices
  12. I can see the next question being "me and my girlfriend are thinking of having sex, does anybody have any advice on how we would go about doing this"
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  13. haha, i've got that covered but the whole dependancy thing is doing my nut in.
  14. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    One other fairly key thing is that diving in Ascension will prove very tricky unless you're part of a military expedition. From your question I assume that this isn't the case.

    If you fancy a 'better than Cyprus' diving holiday I'd go to Malta. Loads of wrecks purpose sunk for divers, clear blue water and all the locals speak English.