Ascension Island trip

Just got a confirmed Adv Trg trip to Ascension Island in Jan 04.

We are sorted out for the Adv Trg part but I'm looking for tips on the social side to occupy the boys in the evenings and on the R&R part of the Ex.

Any tips/contacts welcome either here or PM me.

Thanks for all your replies... as I have now been, saw and got the tee shirt I now understand why no one replied!!

Seriously we had a ball - a nav ex in the morning and beach in the afternoon. Boy have I got a tan - and in Jan as well!!

Some tips though:
For phys - do the letter box climbs - I think there are 16 of them to do on the island. Some easy some tight enough.
Swimming - pool in Travellers Hill is great. Scuba and snorkling at Comfortless Cove is 1st class.
Fishing great - even I got a 60lb Tuna.
Bars - only really three - apart from messes these are, Volcano Club, Saints club and Two Boats club. Prices in Offs/SNCOs mess is really cheap - 19p for Smirnoff Vodka. 30p for Gin.
Temp - 29 - 31 degrees.

Write the instruction as a Nav Ex therefore the system pays.

I'm now working on next year!!

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