Soon i will be going to an Army selection centre and im a little worried about the upper body strength tests, i have been working out pretty hard and i am seeing improvements but im still a little anxious. How many pull ups can people do easily and does anyone know the amount you need to do to be able to pass? It would be real helpfull to know the amount as then i can work towards it, Thanks very much.
hi mate ive not yet done but its best effort obviously you will need to do some but aim for the most you physically can put everything into it and i cant see why if the other test are satisfactory and you`ve given 100% they will fail you!! how many are you doing at the moment?? are you doing any weight work?? perhaps be an idea to start if not build up the strength in your shoulders!!
I did mine 6 years ago and passed obviously, back then it was a piece of piss and I can't see it being harder now everything has been getting easier now we can't even shout at sprogs anymore in case we upset them.
One largish fella on my recruit selection hung feebly from the pull up bar grunting and sweating but unfortunately not moving and he passed so I'd say don't worry about it.
One piece of advice on the medical alot of people get referred due to Heart Murmurs don't let this put you off most are found to be harmless.

Hope this helps
I did ADSC a few weeks ago. As far as pull ups go, you dont need to do that many. (Unless you are going for para, then you need to get a minimum of around 8.)
Dont worry about the upper body strength tests. They actually account for very little. You need to concentrate on the 1.5mile run. Also the icebreaker and group tasks. Out of the 15 lads with me (minus the few that failed medicals) 13 passed and two were defered. This was purely because their run times were not good enough. So dont worry, try your best and your unlikely to fail.
Cheers guys, my running time is good and under the 13 mins and 50 secs i need to be able to get into the RAC so thats all good. Im doing alot of weight work especially for the shoulder area as i know this is important, i can do about 6 pull ups at the moment. Its strange because i can do tonns of push ups but seem to struggle with the pull ups. Thanx for your help all good replies cheers.
im not really sure, but i do the 1.5 in about 11- 11:30 so its o.k anyway. and i keep improving that all the time. Matty you going for the RAC then? What reg you going for?
when i went for selection i done about 20 chin ups but was busted down to 12 for apperantly cheaping on some by not extending the whol way down. But one lad could only manage the 1 and could'nt run great either and got in but was told to get the finger out before basic another guy who was small and skinny struggled to lift his head up but got in and was told to bulk up on weight gainers before basic. So dont worry to much or mabey thats just the selection center I went to and your gonna get it stricter who knows. Good luck anyway pal
yeah palms facing you, legs straight at all times and your chin must clear the top of the bar oh and when you ease down from the pull up the arms must be fully extended before you pull back up again. got you PM cheers MATTY. cheers lads
The icebreaker, how do you get marked for that? I thought it was just a thing they did so that you could settle in. Anyone want a peugeout 306 which has done an amazing 15000 miles has servere engine problems and has the acceleration of a snail on a frozen pond, its an o.k car aslong as you dont stop other wise it just decides to blow up, ANY takers?
hmm anyone know the best thing to say on the icebreaker... I dont wanna bore them to death now!

No need to worry about the icebreaker too much. There is a board which tells you what things to say, but you just need to expand on them points.


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