ASBOs from 1904

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Krazy_Ivan, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. I particularly like number 6, clearly he was still pissed when the photo was taken.
  2. Pretty good but these days you'd get done for hurting their feelings. I like what happens in some area's of the US were convicted shop lifters etc walk about with sandwich boards telling everyone of their crime outside the shopping malls/shops where they were caught.

    Out of interest wonder what the blacklist was
  3. I bought a copy of the London Gazette's last three months of 1890 for the articles on the Matabele wars . Reading the rest of the book at random is much like the Sun today without the stupid headlines or tits.

    Drunks pissing in the street, the police not doing their job, , people puking in the street, rapes, murders with knives and pistols as well as few wierd ones. On man attempted to kill his wife by putting a tin of gunpowder in the oven .

    However most of the reported crimes were the same as todays.

    Interesting read and a nice coffee table book .

  4. Would that work?...........
  5. Number one's occupation is Polisher and Prostitute are they mutually exclusive?
  6. Crime rates rose at the begining of the Industrial Revolution, in acordance with the expansion of the population, they have remained about the same ever since.
    Regardless of what statistics tell us, it has neither raised nor fallen, nor have they changed in essence, Thugery, Theft, Drunkeness, Wife Beating.
    The only things that have disapeared are those things that have been de-criminalised e.g. Homosexuality. To be replaced by others like Road Traffic Offences.
    There always has/will be crime it's just reported differently now, to suit whatever the media agenda is.
  7. Have you seen how short most of them are! At least todays chavs are of the more over nourished variety!!
  8. This one in particular made me larff. He lives on Oxygen Street! I wonder if he's ever been a thief? :D

  9. He looks like one of those creatures you'd find in the Falklands.....

    Was he an early Benny?

    N.B. I think you'll find lived would be more approriate, on account of the fact that "Dick the Devil" has probably been dead for almost a century.
  10. looks like jack dee was a bit of a boy in the last century!
  11. He's ace pre-dates Huggy bear with that jacket by about 65 years!

  12. No 6 could well be Whet/Sven's grandad...