ASBO,s and kids.....

Right fellow ARRSE's. After all the troubles of the past few days it has highlighted a few things that need to be addressed, never mind the riots and what it has caused as this will of been done to death on here and there is no need for another thread on this.

What does need addressing ( again) is at present the crime with no punishment attitude that has been thrust upon us. Here lies the question , Do ASBOs hold any weight, hearing the remarks of certain under age rioting thugs, the ASBO is something they can live with and break, so nicking TVs and destroying communities is great fun if all you get is an ASBO.

Over the last 15 years it has become apparent that kids know the law cannot touch them. Do we need to go back to the days of borstals or bring in boot camps for young offenders, do we sack the ASBO for harsher punishments, do the parents get locked up and the kids put in care, what do you all think of this, hour thoughts on tougher punishments.

If it's been done my bad but I do believe that a root cause of the past week is down to the milking down of the law when it involves under 18s
Punishments should fit the crime, not the age of the offender. A sentence should not be given based on the fact that little johnny didn't know what he was doing as he's only 13. ASBO's where a shit idea from the off although I imagine some braindead MP will start saying they're no good and be hailed a hero for bringing it to everyones attention (even though the general public have known this for ages).

Schools should also bear the brunt of this. Less time ****ing about teaching them Spanish or some other useless shit and get them learning life skills. Discipline needs to be enforced. A teacher should have the courage to punish a pupil without governors sticking their noses in batting for little jimmy because his home life is crap and he's just expressing himself.

Stop blaming the area they come from. I grew up in a complete shithole in SE London and I don't go round tearing places up. Ok I'm a grown adult but I never done it as a kid so I don't see any reason why they need to.

As has been stated time and time again punishments for crimes are too soft. 5 years should mean 5 years. When you get out of prison you then partake in community service and you're tagged. Not for 6 months but for 12-24 months after your sentence.

No money to fund the idea?

Make a prison exactly that. No tv, computers, pool tables, etc. Fed basic food that keeps you alive and nothing more. Having worked for a food delivery company I saw what they got and it was far superior to what children got at school. Special dietary requirement? Tuff shit, unless it's going to kill you, you're eating it. Stop locking up petty criminals (ie: benefit cheats) instead put them on extensive community orders and stop all non essential benefits.

Judges are too soft and do not live in the real world. There is no such thing as rehabilitation IMO and a leopard never changes its spots.

No doubt someone will be along to shoot me down over costs, etc but the way I see it is we need to stop sodding about no matter what the age.
This is the problem with the country as a whole, ordinary law abiding people have lost all faith in the law and judicial system and those that don't care about the law know that even if they do get caught red handed they'll be interred somewhere that is probably a lot better than the home life they had before committing crimes.

As a very simple case in point I was having a discussion with a colleague about the MP that was released after serving a quarter of his sentence despite stealing £8k of tax payers money. Now we both came to the conclusion that if that is the way the law works then it would be worth 4 months in prison (With all the benefits that entails; access to playstations, free gym, 3 meals a day, free access to education, family visiting rights etc) to just help ourselves to that amount of money from the safe at work. (Naturally we didn't take anything) but there are people out there that are a lot less scrupulous than myself wouldn't have thought twice about it.

Until there is a massive overhaul of this system I can't see anything changing.

If the prison system was made into more of a prison set up then costs wouldn't be as much of an issue as without all the gadgets and resources that criminals seem to be entitled to we wouldn't need to pay so much per prisoner per year.

All of this obviously links in with the prisoners 'Human Rights' which is another massive bone of contention for the masses out there that have (especially recently) had their own human rights trampled over by these people with no chance of recompense.

Maybe, just maybe this entire situation will give us that referendum we've been promised for so long.
Is there not an easier way to get an ASBO?,,,can't I buy one on the internet?..........

Sorry,,,just checked Ebay and guess what?...........
The problem which these young criminals have demonstrated is not just that there are no sufficiently inconvenient consequences to aggravated burglary in time of civil disorder, but more immediately that there is no effective state deterrent to such behaviour. Many local citizens have noticed this fact, hence the unofficial cordons on shops, arcades and residential streets. The BBC may call them "vigilantes" but they are effective. I would suggest that there is ample historical precedent for such a response.
I would further suggest that another effective technique would be to reintroduce the "hue and cry" where concerned citizens were encouraged to run down and apprehend offenders.
I am aware that the police consider this to be their responsibility and warn against a free for all, but as they have demonstrated this past week they can't be everywhere at once.

If these young people insist on behaving in an unenlightened, medieval manner, we should look to our history for the solution.

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