ASBO for picking up litter


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There's nowt so queer as folk.
There's an old chap who lives opposite my house who wears very tight button up rugby shorts all year round, (sun, rain, snow, no concerns) some times he forgets to do the buttons up and displays his working parts, (old age/forgetfullness).

As he is an 'ex Battle of Britian Spitfire Pilot', no body complaints and gives him a nod and a wink to remind him that he flying low.

In thier neck of the wood he would be locked up.
It's political correctness gone mad!
Sounds a right "padre" to me....
i wonder if he will get crotchless underwear now!

that would certainly be the a sight!!

starfish anyone...

this guy is a first class kiddie fiddler in the making, i have to admit the school uniform kinda gives me a tingling in my ball bag..

looking after a 90 yr old eh!

more like abusing it than caring for it !!!
and id bet the 90yr old isnt even still alive and is full of weirdo sperm!
Kill it till it's dead.
come on lets get caption creating here!!

"alright love do you need help with your bags"


"what bags?"

"your ball bags miss! finnnaarrrr"

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