ASBO failures

I anyone actually surprised by this.

Living in a Nanny state is a breeding ground for this behaviour.

Having just seen again the film of the guy who, on confronting youths who were wrecking cars and fencing gets a kicking from the little barstewards. Is it now time for the Government to open there fooking eyes to this and start dealing with it, rather than molicoddle(sp) them....?
No surprise there at all.
What did surprise, nay, shocked me was the cost of your average ASBO is £3K! 8O Whereas a letter from a Policeman ('possibly more effective' :? ) ONLY costs £64.........

£64 for a letter!!!!???? :?

Where do these people come from? :twisted:
64 quid for a letter?!?! Can I charge a fıver evertime I gıve out an AGAI 67 then! What utter sh1te. Perhaps if the 3k cost of the ASBO was charged to the receipiant they may take a little more notice?
Why would anybody think that the average ASBO-ite would immediately change their ways when there is often little or no effective follow-up?

Despite the clear advantges, the Home office still refuses to accept that there is much to be gained from exploring the excellent and deeply character improving community service work still to be done on Gruinard Island.
I have two potential schemes for these scrotes:

1. Iraq
2. Afghanistan

They want to be anti-social and play the hard men - let them prove it here.

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