Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kaye, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. I've just bought a house. In this house is a big asbestos pipe leading from the toilet (the room, not the bowl) through the outside wall to the roof of the shed. The shed is attached to the house. It is an old ventilation shaft which is no longer in use because the last owner had an electrical ventilation installed.

    Paying some asbestos removing firm is bl**dy expensive, so I'd rather do it myself. So here's the point: Can I use my gasmask to avoid inhaling the asbestos fibre? Will that work?
  2. You might be doing something illegal if you do it yourself. Your local council could advise or you could just leave it where it is. there is an independent asbestos advisory company that deals with fact not hysteria. I can't remeber their name, but if you go via Christopher Booker's link in the Daily Telegraph website you might find it (or you could email and ask him for contact details)
  3. First of all does it need removing?

    Is it painted or otherwise covered?

    Is it stable, ie; no dust coming off it in the course of normal everyday use?

    If it is, you can leave it, and just warn people (eg. next buyer) not to drill it or sod about with it.

    There is various bits of asbestos in my flat, but they are either all covered with plasterboard/plywood, or have several layers of gloss paint over them and are stable. All the maintenance company did was put little red warning stickers on them saying 'Warning Asbestos : do not drill'

    By the sound of it, you should be okay to leave it as its outside and hopepfully stable.

    I'm not sure of this but isnt the real dangerous stuff the blue asbestos? This sounds like it the white (grey looking) variety, which is fairly benign if left alone?

    I wouldnt try to do it yourself, but finding someone who will give you an honest answer might be difficult. Currently the Roof of our ATC squadron is being de-asbestosised at a cost of £40K. The roofers have said they agree the work does not need to be done as the roof is in as new condition, and the asbestos is covered and stable and but some surveyor from RFCA has said it must be done. At least its their money they are pissing up the wall and not the squadrons.
  4. The reason a firm might be used to remove asbestos is not just the danger to health when it's removed but the disposal of the asbestos afterwards.

    I know that in the Netherlands, the removal of asbestos has come down in price from the ridiculous amounts that were being charged in the 90's so if does figure (hopefully for you) that the costs have dropped in other countries as well.

    A noddy suit and face mask and/or respirator SHOULD be adequate and there's plenty on the net to peruse/download to confirm this or not so that shouldn't be a problem but the question still remains what you are going to do with it afterwards.
  5. If you must take the pipe out you will need to use an authorised contractor. There are threee considerations, safety of the people working on the asbestos, safety of people who may be affected by asbestos released during the removal and finaly the disposal. Whilst it is likely that you may be able to prvide suitable protection for yourself it is unlikely that yo wll be able to do the other two satisfactorily.

    Your local environmental health department should be able to give you a list of apprved contractors.

    Asbestos is a bt like explosives, quite safe as long as you remember it is bl**dy dangerous.
  6. The reason I want remove it is because it's a BIG pipe that's supposed to vent off the vapours of a long and hardworking visit to the loo.
    It doesn't have a fan in it, it's just a wide hole in the wall leading to some sort of chimney in the shed's roof.

    That means that when you're sitting there with a mag there's a constant draft going down your back. (The shaft is behind you when you're on the pot).

    It also takes up a lot of space in the not-so-big shed.

    I was thinking of shoving the pipe in the back of a 4-tonner and burry it on some Polish exercise area. When we were training there once in 2003 or so we found some used commy NBC suits. They had been used in a LIFE FIRE NBC exercise! :frustrated:
    The Poles wouldn't notice the odd bit of asbestos lying around...

    On the serious side: I can hand the asbestos in at the local rubbish disposals. I believe you pay a tenner for up to 100Kg.
  7. i work for a builders merchants, and we supply these asbestos clear

    most decent builders merchants will supply them, not exactlly cheap, but cheaper than getting a company into do it for you.
  8. Why the F*ck is this in the NAAFI bar??? Surely it would be better posting this on some other site???
  9. Why the f#ck not? There isn't a DIY board on here you know?
  10. Probably because it isn't Current News unless he gets caught illegally dumping it.
  11. how can you tell if something is made of asbestos???
  12. Put the suspect material into a liquidiser and give it a couple of minutes on high speed.

    Empty out the fine dust and inhale it into your airways.

    Wait a few years and develop lung cancer.

    Chances are it was asbestos.
  13. They should know by the time it gets to the post mortem.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You can remove asbestos a lot more cheaply by using asbo's. Kill two birds with one stone so to speak.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Hang about... The mans khazi is cramped, it stinks of shit, the task involves moving dangerous, heavy objects around the place. Somebody who knows less about the job than he does will tell him he has done it all wrong. When he has moved them nobody will thank him and all the time he's moving them he will be required to pay tax. When the task is completed he is liable to serious health problems which he will be told are all in his imagination...

    I'd say the ARRSE was a spot-on choice.