ASB Policy Review Petition Update

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WifeofPaulw531, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    The petition is now over 300. (Thanks for all your support so far) :D
    To sign THe ASB Policy Review Petition, Click here

    I'm also glad, (but also sad if that makes sense) to have been contacted by people who have also been affected by ASB.
    And the amount of peeps suffering in silence cos they just want to sell up and move is incredible. :(

    Alan Johnsons recent "we'll be spending £2.8m on supporting ASB witnesses over the next two years" means that those victims who do testify (he doesn't say what, if any,support will be offered to those who don't feel strong enough to testify against the scrotes will get) will, I am sure be chuffed to bits at getting about £20 quids worth of support a year. :roll:

    To make it easier for those who want to get hold of me their is a Facebook group that I admin
    Victims Of Antisocial Behaviour Have had Enough

    You can catch me on their.

    Be lucky all, and again thanks for all the support so far, please keep signing and spreading the word.
  2. AAGF


  3. Thanks for your siggy, every one counts.
  4. I've spoken to a lot of people about ASB but this one really got me:-
    [align=center]"My Dad had lived in that house all his life he was born there. Then the new estate was built. It was OK at first then 5 or 6 years ago thinks changed. The housing association moved in loadsa shit familys and they started to take the piss outta him cos he always wore his blazer to the post office. He was proud of wht he did in the war and would get right upset when one of his 'brothers' died. He ended up alone with no friends and we didnt know how bad it was until we went back to see him and saw how ill he was, he was so thin.
    While we was there some kids threw dog shit at his windows and my son chassed them and gave one a right thunp so they called the law. When they turned up the copper said to my Dad, well you've seen loadsa action a few stones is nothing compared to that and my Dad just like laughed nervously.
    I went into one at the bastard outside, and then he said i was overreacting and if i shouted again he would nick me.
    4 weeks later Dad was dead. I now he was 87 but before all the shit started he was really fit and happy. No-one would listen to him, no-one would help him. We were trying to get him into sheltered housing near us but they said he wasn't an urgent case. I wanted him to call the RBL to see if they could help but he was too proud.
    They as good as killed my dad and I'll never forgive them I hope they burn in hell"

    Please if you haven't signed/sent the petition to your mates, then do so today

    Thank you
  5. Thanks for you comments folks. The facts are that their are sufficient laws in place, the civil courts really have the powers to deal with these oxygen thieves already.
    The victims/witnesses sadly are left like fish in a barrel and enjoy no support at all because there is no joined up multi agency approach and often witnesses are simply intimidated into not giving evidence against the perps. If the victims are social housing tenants they are often moved away for their 'own safety' leaving the perps still able to boast how they have driven another family out. Outrageous really, instead of tackling the bullies head on, the council will say 'oh nobody will give evidence so we can't evict them!'
    Owner occupiers like myself have no access to any support at all except the toothless Victim Support. However we do have the council's over a barrel for failing to control their tenants. Most simply keep quiet and move away silently leaving the problem to fester and the perps even stronger.
    That's what the petition is for, to ensure that victim/witness get the support they need so they can be supported through both civil and criminal courts to nail these animals or have their parents evicted. Please sign it.
  6. If the 5000 odd folks who've visited this thread so far had each signed up to the epetition already by now we would have had the necessary 500 siggys to get it infront of the PM.

    We are still 170 or so siggys short. Sign up please to ensure you don't end up like a fish in a barrel having to drive every single agency along to do the jobs they're drawing a big fat salary to do in the first place; while having to deal with the mindless abuse, violence and criminal damage at the same time.

    Thanks again Paul & Mrs W531

    The deadline is 13th November 2009.
  7. Sorry, but what do you think he'll do? All other petitions have been ignored, including the one with over 70,000 signatures to resign. It's a waste of time.
  8. [CQMS:
    Sorry, but what do you think he'll do? All other petitions have been ignored, including the one with over 70,000 signatures to resign. It's a waste of time.[/quote]

    Thanks for the support and vote of confidence CQ (always good to know the QM is backing you all the way) :roll:
    On the very first day we became a victim of ASB we started to be told "You're wasting your time, nobody stands up against the Hanratty's and wins, They drive people out of their houses!"
    Well we did stand up, again, and again, and again. And here we are and they have been evicted, fined, subject to various restriction orders and, one of their 'cohort' families got evicted as well. :p

    I am under no illusions that the petition itself may not change things dramatically, but it's a start. It's achieved one of the aims that I wanted to achieve (raising public awareness of the plight of forgotten victims of ASB) See:
    and when the deadline passes I willl carry on lobbying for FULL support for the victims.

  9. Signed.

    Unfortunately Cyclops ignores all of these, but we can only hope.
  10. :(

    Congratulations in getting the family shifted - where do you think they ended up? The problem will not go away just because the prime minister has read a 500 signature e-petition. Whilst I agree that there is a problem and every little helps in achieving your desired solution, I feel that you are well and truly pissing into a force 10 gale. How would it work for you if someone were to start a counter petition that demanded that all problem families were kept in the area where they were as it would be unfair to inflict them on another area? It truly is a '6 of one' scenario. The prime minister isn't interested. He has bigger fish to fry, like "how the fuck is he gonna save his neck before the next election?" Sorry to burst your bubble but "pauls-missus" won't even register on his radar and you will be lucky if it gets read by a junior ministers secretary before it get's confined to the electronic dustbin.

    I have signed it (for what it's worth)
  11. The familiy initially moved within the locale to the Grandmothers flat, then to London and have since returned to Swindon and are in private rented accomadation.

    Their behaviour has suddenly become less anti-social. Because they were met head on with the FULL consequences of their actions and gained criminal records whilst doing so. Not quite the big stick Paul would have liked to use on them but a pretty damn effective one in their case.

    Thanks for signing the petition, every signature does count and I know it may not make the slightest bit of difference.
    But it also just migh change something
    The aim of the petition is to address the LACK of SUPPORT for VICTIMS of ASB. I know that is changing because I am speaking to Victims of ASB and offering them support. and if I can do that, one women on her own (with Paul) then the system can be changed to swing in favour of the VICTIM instead of the perp ...just for once.
    There is no magic wand, it's not going to happen overnight but the petition is a start.

    As for what to do with ASB perps, I think they should be placed in a house in the middle of nowhere with a spade, some seeds and two buses aday and told, when you can prove you are fit to live in society we'll let you back in, until then grow yer own veg, feed the chickens and crack on! :twisted:
  12. The Petition calling for a full review of ASB Policies closes this Friday (13th)
    It is asking solely for a review of policies and the initiation of a national standard of support levels for victims.

    Anti Social Behaviour ('ASB') is unfortunately all too common in today's society; ASB, neighbour nuisance, harassment, bullying and many forms of anti social behaviour can result in devastating circumstances and effects on the unwilling (and often unsupported by the authorities) victim of 'ASB'.

    Victims understand all to well how 'holistically' any form of anti social behaviour can interfere with almost every aspect of daily living - your health, work/personal life and your life in general all suffer and are affected negatively. In the Pilkington's case it is extremely heartbreaking that the only way they could free themselves from the torment of the ASB they endured and experienced was by ending their lives.

    Unfortunately, this kind of anti social behaviour problem is sadly all too common to in the UK; and I find it incredibly sad that action against this kind of behaviour is only taken after someone has lost their life, and the list of victims who have died is getting longer all the time.

    Fiona Pilkington & Francecca Hardwick - suicide
    Mr. Joseph Durber - suicide
    Joan Charlton - murdered
    Joe Richards – attacked and left for dead
    Paul Hopkins - attacked and left for dead
    Terrance Hall – murdered
    Jonathan Harper – murdered
    Craig Wass – murdered
    Stuart Middleton – murdered
    Jannette Cooper – murdered
    Marc Irwin – murdered
    Ben Gardner - Murdered
    Mary Fox - Murdered

    All these people were attacked or affected by their neighbours or/and people in their own local community and these are just a few stories from this year alone.

    Why is it that most local authorities see the victims of such crime as people who must have done something to have this behaviour thrust upon them?

    Why is it that so often it is the victims that have to relocate and move when the perpetrators are left in their own homes, ready to destroy other peoples’ lives?
    Why is it local councils ask victims to stand up as witnesses yet offer no support, not even the cost of expenses/lost wages as happens in a criminal court?
    These are just a few of the questions the petition wants addressed.
    Please if you haven’t signed up (and clicked the link in the confirmation email you will receive) do so and, if possible, encourage others to do so.
    Thank you for your support so far.


    (Dont forget to -put this as your status, pass it on and, click the link in the confirmation email you will recieve)[/align]
  14. [align=center]TODAYS THE DAY!
    (Dont forget to -put this as your status, pass it on and, click the link in the confirmation email you will recieve)[/size]
  15. One last push folks. A sincere thanks from wifey and I to all who have signed so far.

    Anyone else out there who has yet to sign up please do so, we need another 22 siggys by midnight tonight.

    Just imaging you were serving abroad and your dearly beloved came under attack from various local scrotes and there was nothing you could do about it.

    As it stands at the moment your nearest and dearest can expect no effective support from anyone, it really is a hopeless situation. The victims of antisocial behaviour are truly between a rock and a hard place. Not only do they have to fight the scrotes but also they have to fight and overcome the inertia of all those agencies who should be there for support.

    A situation that can be improved dramatically for the benefit of everyone.

    Don't end up like we did, sign up today.

    PaulW & Wifey[/size]