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Asaklitt LED ultra bright torch

I just lurve torches and while in the Great Northern Wasteland recently I saw what I thought the epitome of a torch, the . New Military Issue Ledwave XP-1 Trooper 3.5 Watt 85 Lumens LED Flash light - Surplus and Outdoors item, 2nd generation LED with a natural white light and an astonishing 85 lumens output.

The pricetag is equally astonishing at between £70-£90 depending on where you look, but as Will Smith put it, I decided I have got to get em one of these.

Today I browsed through Clas Ohlsen, which is a cross between Ikea and Habitat, and often has interesting gadgets...

My eyes fell on the http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Asaklitt-Focus-LED-Torch/Pr364840000
which looked quite a bit like the XP-1.

Obviously a cheap, less capable item, not least because it costs a tenner.

Being the torch fetishist I am, I naturally had a peek and thought it actually looked well made; metal body, nice weight to it. Thought I'd see how far it fell short of the Ledwave uber torch; to my joy ( sad but true ) this bad boy actually produces an astonishing 110 lumens ( 9350 cd) so its about 25% more powerful than the Ledwave. I clearly had to buy the Beast and can confirm that it is a well made, rugged piece of kit; the light is pure white and the beam adjustable from flood to spot simply by moving the front of the torch backwards or forwards - no need to twist as you used to do with a Maglight ( sooo 1990s, Dahling ). The beam itself looks to be projected in axis with the body of the torch which itself looks like it is one inch wide, so I suspect it can be fitted onto weapon mounts ( not that I'd know, obviously. )

It takes three AAA batteries and quotes a battery life of 3 hours 20 minutes.

Its probably not quite as well finished as the Ledwave but not only is it brighter, but it costs just a tenner, so I don't really care. The money I've not spent on the Ledwave will obviously be turned into wine.

God I love torches.
£70.00!!! For a fecking torch!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Hmmm...on issue you say, still the £3.00 LED torch bought at Derby services seems to do the job ie throw light onto darkness. :)

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