Asaklitt LED ultra bright torch

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. I just lurve torches and while in the Great Northern Wasteland recently I saw what I thought the epitome of a torch, the . New Military Issue Ledwave XP-1 Trooper 3.5 Watt 85 Lumens LED Flash light - Surplus and Outdoors item, 2nd generation LED with a natural white light and an astonishing 85 lumens output.

    The pricetag is equally astonishing at between £70-£90 depending on where you look, but as Will Smith put it, I decided I have got to get em one of these.

    Today I browsed through Clas Ohlsen, which is a cross between Ikea and Habitat, and often has interesting gadgets...

    My eyes fell on the Asaklitt LED Torch - ASAKLITT | Clas Ohlson which looked quite a bit like the XP-1.

    Obviously a cheap, less capable item, not least because it costs a tenner.

    Being the torch fetishist I am, I naturally had a peek and thought it actually looked well made; metal body, nice weight to it. Thought I'd see how far it fell short of the Ledwave uber torch; to my joy ( sad but true ) this bad boy actually produces an astonishing 110 lumens ( 9350 cd) so its about 25% more powerful than the Ledwave. I clearly had to buy the Beast and can confirm that it is a well made, rugged piece of kit; the light is pure white and the beam adjustable from flood to spot simply by moving the front of the torch backwards or forwards - no need to twist as you used to do with a Maglight ( sooo 1990s, Dahling ). The beam itself looks to be projected in axis with the body of the torch which itself looks like it is one inch wide, so I suspect it can be fitted onto weapon mounts ( not that I'd know, obviously. )

    It takes three AAA batteries and quotes a battery life of 3 hours 20 minutes.

    Its probably not quite as well finished as the Ledwave but not only is it brighter, but it costs just a tenner, so I don't really care. The money I've not spent on the Ledwave will obviously be turned into wine.

    God I love torches.
  2. Cree lights are the future Aldi/Lidl do them from time to time for a £10 and 3yr warrenty Ive bought 3 and all are solid and well made.

    I also run a set of these on my bike and you can get an adapter to turn thm into a headlamp

    This is also a good site where loads of lights are tested, Have a look at the light pattern for MJ-816E to get an idea of the spread of light for those above
    Torchy the Battery Boy: Bike light Database

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  3. **** me, bright enough to part the Red Sea!
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  4. Toyz.

    I have an EagleTac T20C2. 720 lumens...
  5. When I got lost up in the hills a few months back when out on the bike back in April/May I was able to pick out marker posts on the route a few hundred meters way
  6. Have a look at Agent 2 from Ansmaan (?) £33 plus VAt from RS. Well made, retina scorcher. 125 lumens
  7. Eh? Mines shits all over that at 2400 it's probaly not the full 2400 as made out but it's cetainly about 1800+ great when cars flash you as it's too bright, You can run the lights on the main or sides only or all 3 comes with a switch which changes colour to let you know the battery status.
  8. IMAG0079.jpg

    Amateurs! Real men make thier own LED torches!
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  9. ******* cheapskate did ytou just add an LED bulb to a shit designed torch?
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I think that clas ohlson website is my new favorutie site. its ace. ;)
  11. No I made an LED bulb for a shit designed torch. Some times you can be creative when bored with a soldering iron.
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  12. I got some of those XP-1 s. They cost me around £10 less than your torch cost you. I'd share the nsn if it wasn't so expensive.
  13. If you search on Ebay, you can get very good 250 lumen hand-held Cree LED torches, running on 3 X AAA batteries, for just over a fiver. The are more than adequate for any night-time escapades / outings / tasks. I have had batteries in for 6 months, on regular use
    Equally, there are torches in excess of 800 / 1000 and 1000+ lumens, some running of special batteries and some of AAA's. They don't have a long illum time. However, there is no real need for anything over 250 lumen, unless you are trying to illuminate Wembley Stadium.
    The US military have a 4500 LUMEN Cree light and it can actually 'cook' food because of its power but it is only in its development stage
  14. Cool mind if I PM you looking for an LED bulb for my camper van but don't find them in the size I need

    Your right I get about 3-3.5 hrs off mines however I got them for bike riding and visiting trail centers at night so has more than enough run time for me plus I carry a back up incase it's needed.