As I was signing for my new quarter this morning I was handed a sheet containing a list of all the furniture I was signing for - fear not, I'm not sleeping on shite army beds I only took the compulsory loo brush.

As I looked to see my details were correct, service no, rank, unit, they were all present and correct until I had got to the Regt/Corps box. The fuckers had put AGC. Those of you of a kind disposition may be willing to think that the poor civvy guy can't tell one shade of green beret from another but he'd never seen me before and I wasn't in uniform.

To compound matters the box didn't just say AGC he'd also put 'Int Corps' in brackets after it!!!!! Have we been re-brigaded to the AGC on the sly? Do the acoomodation services chaps no something I don't about a new FAS coming in?

Or was the civvy that filled in the form a fuckwit that doesn't know his Corps and Regts?

I'm calm about it now but I did utter a profanity when I saw it!
The 2 MI Bn Shooting Team at a recent Skill At Arms Meeting were introduced as being AGC. For the record though, he did correct himself.

The AGC did shoot much better, so perhaps it would have been better to gloss over that bit.

The perils of us Green Berets (hoo-ahh!)

Edited for factual acuracy m'lud.

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