AS90. Whats it like job wise?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Big_Bertha, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Im planning on becoming a light gunner. My recruiters said to look for 2 other options, one being an AS90 gunner the other a dog handler.
    Ive been reading a few things on AS90s and most have said its a job for thickos and its not a very good job. It looks alright to me but I just wanted to hear from people with first hand experience.
  2. Or become a OP
  3. at least with AS90 you get a roof over your head
  4. I aint thick but ime doing the As90 JE start me basic training in March but i dunno anyone else who is doing it aswell lol.
  5. hmm : - )
  6. Are AS90s in Afghan? If not, how are gunners deployed?
  7. no AS90 in Afghan, they dont like the terrain.Light guns are deployed in FOBs (forward operating bases)
  8. Quite Loud, I should imagine...

    I'll get my coat
  9. At least with an AS90 you don't need to take it for a walk twice a day!