AS90 - Pointless?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by fluffer, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Im aware that the AS90 isn't used in Afghan, so were do I go after basic? Do I train in the AS90 and then re-train in something else that IS used, or will I get attached to an inf unit?

    If I will have to re-train is it best just to change job choice? Or would it be best to be trained in 2 jobs?

    Any info is appreciated on the procedure of what the AS90 staff do in Afghan.
  2. They're trained to use the 105mm Light Gun, which is used in A-stan.
  3. AS90 is the core role of a number of Gunner units that deploy to Afghanistan. They convert to light gun for the period of the operation then go back to AS90.
  4. Why is the AS90 not used at all?
  5. 'Light' is not what you would call it, if on the receiving end :D
  6. AS90 regiments re role to light gun for the start of pre deployment training and re role back after the Tour. This only really affect the Gun bunnies as the role of the CP and Tac Gp remains the same if only in different vehicles.

    AS90 is not used in Afghan for a number of reasons the one most often given is that the ammunition would be to heavy/Bulky to move around the country and get to the FOBs easily. However with the introduction of Excalibur ammunition which can only be fired for a 155 there could well be plans afoot to send AS90 out to Herrick. With the drive away from dumb area munitions to precession strike capability becoming policy to lower the collateral damage estimate I think that a a GPS guided 155 shell would a welcome asset to any FST team.