AS90 in Afgan?

FiveAlpha said:
No AS90 in theatre. The gunners from the AS90 regiments re-train to Light Gun for the duration of the tour.
Spot on....the lads who deployed on Herrick 8 with my lot also did pre-deployment in Kenya with us on the CALFEX, not sure what Artillery unit they were but had just come over from Germany with very little time to convert from AS90 to 105's. Poor *******!!! ;)
sandmanfez said:
tank6275 said:
Not that im really bothered but why no AS90's in herrick theatre?
Because you can ship two MLRS for every one AS90.
But ammo takes up more space and is more expensive.

GMLRS provides greater accuracy which equates to less collateral damage than a battery of guns. I suspect it is also less manpower intensive to operate, but someone in the know will have to comment on that.