as90 gunners

Anybody know what life is like as
an as 90 gunner?

like the training involved, where you
are trained and what the job is like in

Thinking of picking it as 1 of my 3 job
choices but i want to find out a bit more
about the job first and the army careers
site isn't that great for infromation..
Check this out. Its on the website.

Royal Artillery

Drives, maintains and fires the AS90 self-propelled howitzer as part of a mobile team, providing artillery support for infantry and tanks
The Job
You will form part of a six-person gun detachment working on the AS90. Despite weighing in at a hefty 45 tonnes, the Army's self-propelled gun can burn across the battlefield at 55km/h, be ready for action within two minutes, and fire a salvo of three shots in 10 seconds. The AS90 is big enough to live in, which is exactly what Gunners - who have to drive, maintain, and fire it - are expected to do in the field. Because a single shell weighs 43kg, the Gunners themselves have to be brawny enough to handle them. And with onboard computer systems to help the gun navigate around the battlefield and lock onto targets, you'll need to use your brain as well.

The Right Job For Me?
You should be a fit and robust individual, capable of moving the 43kg shells to load and resupply the AS90. You will also need to be a team player as you will live and work with your six-person gun detachment on the AS90. Around you will be a further five Gun Detachments from the Battery so you will always enjoy a great sense of camaraderie and friendly rivalry. There are five AS90 Regiments so there are opportunities to serve in the UK and Germany.

What Skills Will I Learn?
During training you will be taught how to maintain and fire the AS90 and prepare the ammunition.
You will also learn how to operate the gun's advanced computer systems in order to aim the gun correctly, and be taught the various communication methods.
All RA recruits are taught to drive at Phase 2 training, those specialising in the AS90 trade will have the opportunity to get a tracked vehicle licence once in their regiment, and learn to drive the AS90 itself.

What Training Will I Do?
Initial training
Your military training will start at ATR (Army Training Regiment) Pirbright, which is near Woking in Surrey. Gunners must be able to deploy as infantry as well as artillery, so during your 14-week basic training course you will learn military skills such as foot drill, how to handle and fire a weapon, how to live and work in the open, and how to tackle an assault course. Your stamina and fitness will increase, and you will develop mentally as well as physically. Presentations and visits to Royal Artillery Regiments will help you decide which one you want to join and, before initial training comes to an end - with a Passing Out parade in front of an invited audience of parents, relatives and friends - you will know which one you will be joining.

Further training
On completion of Phase 1 training, you will move to Larkhill on Salisbury Plain and start Phase 2 training - a 12-week course that turns you from a basic soldier into a Gunner ready to join your regiment. All Artillery soldiers are taught to drive a Land Rover and use BOWMAN secure communications systems. You will also receive Infantry close-combat training and be introduced to the major equipment employed by the Royal Artillery. There are great sporting opportunities on offer, and the chance to undertake adventurous training in Wales. We invest time in your education and give everyone the opportunity to start an appropriate trade-related apprenticeship, with a logistics or telecommunications base, to be completed when you join your unit.

There are five AS90 units to choose from, based in the UK or Germany. On arrival you will learn to drive, maintain and service the gun, prepare ammunition, and use the advanced computer system to aim the gun accurately.

What Qualifications Could I Get?
Alongside your trade training you can complete numerous personal development courses, including: European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), Computer Literacy and Information Technology Stage 1 (CLAIT), Adult Literacy and Numeracy qualifications, and NVQs in Learning and Development. You will also receive some of the very best leadership training available, leading to qualifications from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Future Prospects
Your prospects for promotion will depend on your performance and completion of training courses, but you can expect to progress through the ranks to become the commander of an AS90, controlling the equipment and leading the gun detachment as a Sergeant in about seven years. You can continue working on the gun line as a Section Commander, in command of three AS90s, in the rank of Staff Sergeant; then you may be selected to fast-track and attend the specialist Gunnery Careers Course. You can remain in the AS90, trade up to the rank of WO1 and, if good enough, be selected for a commission. Your military experience and trade training combined with NVQs and leadership training builds a package that is respected in the civilian world.
Or you could join the Arty and end up working in the QMs. In the Army lifes a lottery!

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