AS90 Career

Just looking into joining the army, got a few ideas floating about, but thought I would ask a few questions if you can help.

Is joining as a gunner in the AS90 a good move, opposed to a combat engineer?

What are the promotion prospects like and salary, i take it they are in the lower pay band?

when you are not on tour, what do you do, practice?

Depends on what floats your boat mate, come on here and we will say RA all the way, go on the Sappers board and they will scream RE at you, and so it should

Guns is a good laugh and promotion is very good, best place for rank in the RA IMHO, but you will be fairly limited in role beyond driving and firing the thing.

Combat Engineer, well you'll have to speak to them about that, the role will be more varied and I can't talk about promotion there.

Way to look at it is this way, one involves tearing about the countryside, coming into action and lobbing shells all to a Queen soundtrack, the other involves digging holes and stuff

I do actually know a guy who was a Combat Engineer in the TA and joined the RA to do guns, when asked why he didn't join the RE he said that the Combat Engineer role is very hard work physically, so he decided for an easy life in the RA. That was till he went on his guns course and was run ragged on his sub and realised that . physically, the guns is not an easy optionby any means. He didn't pass out of training

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